15 Ways To Actually Study If You’re Lazy AF

If you are in high school (or middle school. Or elementary school. Or college. Or preschool. Basically, “school” in any form) you are probably of the belief that the only way to get great, Rory Gilmore-type grades is through hard, arduous, (metaphorically) back-breaking, Pinterest-and-Tumblr-type picture-perfect studying.

And, to an extent, this is correct. Truly excellent grades can, with a few exceptions, pretty much only be achieved through extreme diligence towards studying, plus whatever natural ability and external resources (tutors, kindly teachers, parents who are knowledgeable in the subject, etc.) you have. Usually, it’s the act of studying that proves to be a hump–or, really, the act of starting to study, which often proves to be more difficult than actually studying itself.

I am a naturally slovenly person who managed to do pretty ok in school, so take it from me–you can do it! You just need to know the right ways to study. So, check out these easy ways to study if you’re lazy AF:

1. Study smarter, not harder:



You’ve probably heard this before. But it’s good advice! Focus on a smaller amount of studying time dedicated to actively reviewing and refreshing material rather than spending a long amount of time trying to memorize your old notes.


2. Follow a fifty/ten rule:



That is, study for fifty minutes, take a break for ten. This way, you have a break that doesn’t seem too far off (fifty minutes isn’t actually *that* long), and your break isn’t so long that you forget to go back and study. That being said, you need to make sure that you only break for ten minutes–any longer, and you probably won’t go back.


3. Make sure you’re actually inspired to study:



You’re not going to sit down and do your work if you don’t want to, so think of some things that motivate you to do so. The list above is a good start.


4. Take a different approach for each subject:



Studying for history will be different than studying for math. Understanding this can be a huge help towards actually studying the right way for each class–in a way, of course, that makes it effective both for your grades and for your time.


5. Recognize the excuses you might give yourself for procrastinating:



We all do it.


6. And learn how to stop yourself from giving in to these excuses:



Once you learn how to actively anticipate your procrastination, it’s not so hard to stop doing it.


7. Learn how to get good grades without actually studying:


Or, you know–scam your way to good grades. In a nice way.


8. Make audio notes for yourself:



When you’re studying for a class, write down your notes in a way that makes sense to you (and accurately explains the material) and record yourself saying them aloud. Then, listen to your notes when you’re going to school or walking around campus. Will you feel weird? Probably. Will it be uncomfortable if someone asks what you’re listening to? Almost certainly. But it’s a great, deceptively lazy way to be absorb material without having to hunker down at your desk all the time.


9. Make a mantra for yourself:



If you need a kick in the butt to make you actually get to work, these should do it.


10. Try to make note-taking fun for you:



The note above look like a lot of work, but they also look fun, right? If you’re into doodling, try to take a more artistic approach when you’re taking notes to make the act of note-taking actually seem fun, and, subsequently, more effective. Plus, many of these strategies help you retain the information better, so you won’t be spending as much time cramming before a test.


11. Use a checklist when you write essays:



Essays and research papers can seem super intimidating, but, if you’re in an academic setting, you really only need to follow a formula. Write down each step (or, more realistically, look at the steps written out above) and write your essay based on the checklist. This way, you’ll feel like you’re following a few simple steps, rather than dragging your thoughts out of the ground against their will, which is what can happen with an essay with which you have no guidance.


12. Consider getting a part-time job:



I know! Counterintuitive. But a job (one that is part-time, relatively flexible and does not require any extra off-hours labor) can actually help you segment your time better so you actually take the time you have to study seriously.


13. Running out of time? Check out these efficient reviewing techniques:


My favorite is the sleeping part, personally.

14. If you’ve really left everything to the last minute, make sure you’re cramming the right way:


Cramming is a pretty ineffective study method. But it happens to us all! Check out these ways to make sure you do it as correctly as you can.

15. And, finally, check out these shockingly reasonable tips from someone who clearly knows what they’re talking about:


See? You can totally do this.



Are you lazy when it comes to studying? Are you going to try any of these studying tips? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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