15 Of The Most Embarrassing Things Teachers Have Ever Done

At pretty much every point in your schooling career–whether you’re in elementary school, middle school, high school, or college–chances are good that, on at least one occasion, you’ve pretty much forgotten that your teachers are human. This, for the most part, is fine. It’s usually intentional on your teachers’ part, first of all, and it’s probably for the best that most teachers relinquish a bit of their humanity every day for the sake of creating a barrier in the classroom, even if this makes things a little awkward if you happen to run into them at the grocery store.

Some teachers, however, decide that they have to take it in the opposite direction. You know, like, they have to remind you that they are a real, live person with feelings who is with it and knows all of the memes and the dance moves and they’re totally not like other teachers, okay? They’re a cool teacher. But this, of course, almost always ends badly, both for you (“cool” teachers almost always end up being the ones who assign the most homework and grade it the most harshly) and for them. Why? Because trying to be a cool teacher is probably the most embarrassing thing that anyone can do.

So–while taking into account that teaching is a very hard and undervalued job and that anyone who chooses that profession deserves more accolades, even the lame ones–check out the most embarrassing things teachers have ever done here:

1. When Mr. T just wanted to get some:



2. When this (sweet and precious, I am assuming from the message they left) teacher had to go home in the middle of the day due to some kind of wardrobe malfunction:


3. When this piano teacher sent this kind text:


4. When this teacher did not follow proper sexting precautions:

5. When this teacher just wanted to talk about vases:


6. When this teacher tried to prove they knew what was going on with the internet and, um, didn’t:


7. When this teacher really did know what was going on with the internet and struck fear into their students’ hearts:


8. When this teacher did, um, this:


9. And this:


10. When this teacher LITERALLY DABBED:


11. When this teacher loved dabbing so much, he made sure to put in his emails whenever possible:

12. When this teacher (coach?) put together this stunning sign:


13. When this teacher just wanted to prove, through peer revision, that he has a big mouth:

Theorem: I have a big mouth. Proof: …


14. When this teacher did a headstand? But I’m into it??


15. And, finally, when this teacher sang a beautiful song on the first day of class:

Did you cringe at these things? Have your teachers ever done anything this awkward? Let us know in the comments!

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