7 Simple Ways To Actually Know What’s Going On In The World

As you may or may not know, there has been some weird stuff going on in the world for the past...well, I guess forever, but it’s been getting pretty excessive recently. It’s a little scary, since every day we wake up with what feels like a whole new terrifying situation. With all of this going on, it can be really hard to keep up. I get it. You might not want to admit it, but listening to the news and staying informed can get exhausting, and can really take a toll on your mental health. Your first instinct might be to ignore it all completely, but I’m going to tell you not to do that.

While it can be pretty crappy to learn about all of the bad things happening in the world, it’s important to stay updated so that you can help keep yourself and others informed. But, how do you do that when a hundred new things are happening every day?It’s really intimidating to sit down with a newspaper, since there is SO MUCH news happening. How can you possibly digest it all? I know it’s hard, but there are some ways to stay updated on the world without wanting to pull your hair out (maybe). Check out these easy ways to keep yourself updated on the current events of the world. Oh, and remember to breathe!

Follow News Sites On Social Media

I know that buying a newspaper seems way too ‘90s. If you don’t want to read about the news the old-fashioned way, you still have lots of options. Follow some news accounts on Twitter. You’ll likely get an idea of the big stuff that’s happening just by reading the short headlines that are tweeted out – and you can obviously click through whenever something really interests you. Don't always believe just the headlines, though! Be sure to actually check out the articles to see what's up, if you're feeling a little confused. It's also a good way to see what people are saying about a topic, so you can get other people's opinion and thoughts.

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Be Wary Of Fake News Sites

I know that Donald Trump has probably ruined the term ‘fake news’ for you, but it actually is an issue that needs to be taken seriously. There are a lot of fake news sites out there that have clickbait headlines and false information that can be dangerous. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know the signs of fake news, and they end up sharing the articles on social media, leading to a lot of confusion. Look out for fake news – sites like The Onion or Clickhole are always fake. Other sites that are fake usually include weird URLs, or they’re adding one letter to something – like CNN1 instead of just CNN. Be sure ot keep an eye out so you are not reading or spreading false info.

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Get Google Updates

If you're interested in one topic in particular, like women's rights or climate change, set Google alerts for those topics. This way, if any major event happens that involves these topics, you'll be the first to know, as Google will send you an email ASAP. This way, you'll not only know what's going on in the world, but you'll be the friend people go to when they have questions about certain things.

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Talk It Out

Talk about the news to your friends, your parents, other family members, your teachers… anyone really. Not only will this help keep you informed, but it also allows you to get different opinions and viewpoints, which can be really important. Plus, sometimes reading about political things or other heavy topics can be boring and confusing. Talking to a real life person can help you understand better and is usually more interesting.

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Have The News On While You're Getting Ready For School

It's super hard to find time to sit and actually read the news. But, if you have the news on in the background as you're getting ready for school or work, it's a good way to stay updated without having to set aside hours in your day. When your alarm goes off, put on the radio or your TV and have the news play as you get dressed and ready. You'll be able to listen and not waste any time, so you can keep yourself updated while still going about your day.

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Download The Skimm

The Skimm is an app you can pay for that sends news highlights in a language that is easy to understand. You get a daily briefing early every morning that goes over the biggest news stories from the day before. You can also sign up for other daily newsletters, like the New York Times Briefing email.

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Watch Shows Like The Daily Show

It can be depressing to put on a regular news channel when there is so much sad stuff going on. If you watch a funny news show like The Daily Show, it makes it easier to keep up with what's going on, while still maintaining a sense of humor.

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How are you going to know what’s going on in the world? Tell us in the comments!

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