26 Easy Ways To Make Your Nightstand Look Ridiculously Chic

I don’t know about you guys, but I cannot live without a nightstand. Maybe this is because I wear glasses – I like to have them at easy reach in the dark, since I am practically blind – but I think it’s more than that. I love having a bedside table for all of the things I need when I’m laying in bed: remote controls, my iPhone charger, a lamp for reading, a place to put a mug. My only problem is that I’m messy, and my nightstand gets that cluttered look very quickly. Getting that super chic, super stylish, minimalist look has been hard for me, and I bet it’s hard for you too. It’s an easy spot to let things pile up on!

But honestly, a beautifully decorated nightstand can be a wonderful thing. It’s the first thing you see in the morning, usually, so it’s nice to look at something that looks good. But also, it just makes your room look organized and neat and pretty. Instead of letting little knick knacks pile up, try making your bedside table a spot that impresses any visitor. Need some inspiration? Same. I turned to Pinterest to get some ideas, and I now have so many that I want to try! Check out these easy ways to make your nightstand look super chic, and then get to work – you definitely won’t regret this simple makeover.

1. Stack a lamp on top of books.



Coffee table books (a name referring to books that are really pretty to look at, so they get displayed) are great to have on a nightstand. To keep the surface from looking too cluttered, stack your lamp on top of the books.


2. Add flowers in a pretty vase.



Flowers are an *essential* for aesthetically pleasing nightstands. They bring a lot of color and brightness that’s hard to replicate with other items. Fresh flowers are ideal, but I know we don’t all have the money to spend on new bouquets every week. You can very real-looking fake flowers in stores like Michael’s and Home Goods that will last forever and still look perfect.


3. Put baskets or boxes on the bottom shelves.



If you have a nightstand with shelves on the bottom half, keep them organized with baskets or boxes. These are the perfect places to hold smaller items without making everything look cluttered. I recently did this, and it made my nightstand look so much better!


4. Add candles.



Candles are another go-to item for a super chic nightstand. Pick ones in the prettiest packaging so that it looks good – and obviously find one that smells good too.


5. Use a small table instead of a nightstand.



If you’re not thrilled with the nightstand furniture out there, get a small table like this one – one with two or three surfaces would be ideal. It looks kind of funky and different, and works just as well.


6. Find a cute cell phone dock.



Your nightstand is probably where your phone sits and charges during the night, so why not make that look good too? Get yourself a pretty phone dock that charges and looks good.


7. Use your nightstand for purely decorative purposes.



I like my nightstand to look good, but also be used as storage. If you’re only interested in aesthetics, find another piece of furniture for storage, and decorate your nightstand instead.


8. Use a tray to hold smaller items.



If you have a few different items you want on there, but it still looks cluttered, get a large tray like the one above. It holds a bunch of stuff, but automatically makes the surface look less messy and more chic.


9. Prop a mirror up against the wall.



Add a pretty mirror behind your nightstand. Mirrors make your room look bigger, but they also just look so good.


10. Get matching nightstands for either side of your bed.



If you have the room for it, it’s worth getting two matching nightstands for either side of your bed. Even if you only sleep on one side, it just looks really good. Add matching decor pieces to really bring them together.


11. Put a big floor plant next to your nightstand.



If you want a plant but can’t fit it on your bedside table, get a big floor plant and put it right next to it. Again, you can opt for fake or real, but make sure it’s in a cool looking planter.


12. Set up a charging station in the small drawer.



Want a more minimalist look? Store your charging supplies inside the drawer. Just get a hole cut in the back so that wires can go through.


13. Go for some sort of color scheme.



Instead of using items in all different shades, pick one or two and stick with it. This girl decorated with mainly gold decor pieces, which looks really cool.


14. Keep it simple.



Maybe you love the chic minimalist look so much that that’s all you want. If so, keep it simple. A lamp, a pretty book, and a vase of flowers is all you need.


15. Add a cute clock. 



I have to know the time the second I open my eyes, so a clock is a necessity for my bedside table. If you feel the same way, don’t just rely on your phone. Get a cute clock – like this old-fashioned one – and use it. It’s useful and is good decor!


16. DIY your own nightstand.



Can’t buy new furniture? This is a really cool idea: take wooden crates, paint them whatever color you want, then stack them so they look like a rustic bedside table.


17. Add a good lamp. 



Having a lamp on your nightstand is essential – I couldn’t live without mine! Get one that gives off good light, especially if you’re a reader.


18. Pick one standout piece and work around it.



Get one piece of decor that makes a statement – like this magical horse lamp – and keep everything else simple.


19. Cover it in marble.



Want a chic nightstand on an iKea budget? Try this trick: cover the top in marble. You can buy real-looking marble contact paper for less than $10 on Amazon.


20. Mount a shelf on the wall instead.



Want to save on space or do something more unique? Mount a box shelf to the wall next to your bed and use it as a nightstand.


21. Add little dishes, bowls, or trays.



Sometimes I take my jewelry off in bed because I forget about it, so I have a little tray for it on my table. Little bowls or trays in cute patterns and colors look really good, and offer a spot for small accessories.


22. Use the space behind your nightstand for a gallery wall. 



Embrace your inner artist by using the wall space behind your nightstand as a mini gallery wall. Hang the prints and paintings and drawings you like best.


23. Or just hang one large print.



You can also just hang one big print that you find really pretty. What’s behind the bedside table is just as important as what’s on it!


24. Keep an inspirational quote close by.


Hey, we could all use some extra motivation. Prop up a print of your favorite quote on the wall behind your table.


25. Try using a ladder or tiered shelving unit instead.



If you’re like, “Ugh, none of this is me,” then why not try something different? A small ladder shelf or a tiered unit like this one holds a lot and still looks good.


26. Go rustic!



If you want something more simple, opt for a wooden bedside table with no frills. Sticking a basket underneath it is a great touch.

Which one of these nightstand ideas is your favorite? What did we forget to add? Share in the comments.

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