16 DIY Basket Projects That Will Help Keep Your Room Clean

So, here’s something weird you should know about me right now: I am currently in the midst of a basket obsession. I recently bought one to hold my throw pillows when I am sleeping at night, and then I bought another one to keep my nightstand neat and organized, and then I bought one for my closet, and then…. I spiraled and went to Home Goods and bought as many as I could for all over my house. It’s fine. I’m fine. My banking account is FINE. Just trust me here – the baskets are worth the money.

While baskets are not usually expensive – at least if you go to Home Goods, which I highly recommend – but of course, they can be. I mean, if you go to a pricey home decor store, I guarantee you will find at least one ~tribal~ basket that costs upwards of $100, but anyway. Price aside, you can never buy just one. And that’s why these DIY basket projects exist. 

Baskets are so much more helpful than you think they are. They are so great for organizing – stick them in your closet or on random shelves to keep dust off of your items and to make spots look less cluttered and messy. They’re great for organizing and storage and making your bedroom look good. Whether you want to make a basket from scratch – hey, props to you! – or you just want to make a cheap, ugly basket look a lot better, you’ll love at least one of the below tutorials. Go to the dollar store, get some cheap baskets, and start decorating to make them look good! Or try one of the other methods. I don’t know your life! Anyway, here are some DIY basket projects you need to try now.

1. A Painted Rope Basket



You can find a cheap rope basket in a lot of places. Get one (or grab an old one you already have), and use this tutorial to paint a pretty pattern on them. They can be used as pots for plants, or as storage for basically anything.


2. DIY Graphic Laundry Basket



You need a laundry basket in your room to stay clean! Make your own with a cheap woven basket, some paint, and some glue-on letters.


3. Tassel Basket



You can easily make any old woven basket look much cooler simply by adding some colored tassels to it. Stick it in your room to hold blankets or scarves.


4. Wrapped Basket



Use embroidery floss to create the prettiest wrapped baskets ever. They’ll look super expensive even if they weren’t! Finding baskets with tops is great too, since it adds more protection to whatever you’re storing in there.


5. DIY Hanging Baskets



Find some small, inexpensive baskets, and make them into a hanging basket decor piece. This is great for plants or just some small accessories.


6. DIY Pineapple Laundry Basket



Make a boring laundry basket way more fun by turning it into a pineapple. I mean, why not?


7. DIY Rope Basket



Grab a cheap laundry basket, then wrap it in rope and add some paint to create the look of a really pretty woven basket. You can use this to hold pillows, clothes, blankets… whatever you want.


8. DIY Box Basket



Want something more sturdy? Make a basket out of an old box. It’s easy and these are perfect for putting on closet shelves.


9. No-Sew Rope Basket



Even a metal bucket can be turned into a basket! This one is great for items like umbrellas, magazines, or even shoes.


10. DIY Woven Rope Basket



If you want to do something super crafty, try weaving your own basket. Impressive!


11. French-Inspired Hamper



Make your own hamper that is so easy to use and looks cool too. It’s not really a basket, I guess, but it’s still awesome.


12. DIY Reversible Folding Storage Basket



This is easier to make than it seems, and it’s great for storing smaller items in your room.


13. DIY Fabric Basket



If you know how to sew, put your skills to use with this tutorial. The bag looks great and is perfect for laundry or blankets.


14. DIY Wire Basket




Want a different look? Try a wire basket. They’re great for beauty items.


15. DIY Wire Basket Organizer



You can also make something like this, which is great for plants or for the bathroom.


16. Ombre Basket



Make a boring woven basket more fun with this ombre paint tutorial.

Which one of these tutorials is your favorite? Are you going to make one? What DIY projects do you want to see? Share in the comments!

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