15 Easy Ways To Avoid Damaging Your Hair In The Winter

Ah, winter, what doesn’t in ruin? It spoils most of our outdoor fun, it forces us to dress like the Michelin Man, it dries out our skinand it wreaks havoc on our hair. The last one alone is enough for us to pray every day for the sunny skies and warm temperatures of spring.

If you’re like me, damaged hair is probably a concern for you 12 months of the year. However, the frigid temperatures of winter can make the problem so, so much worse. If you’re looking for ways to reduce damage, don’t worry, because I’ve got you covered. And don’t fret, none of them involve shaving your head completely and hiding under a beanie until April.

Check out 15 easy ways you can avoid damaging your hair this winter.

1. Let your hair air dry. 



I know it might not be the easiest thing when you have school or work, but try to give your hair a break from blowdrying from time to time. Even if you let your hair air dry on the weekend, that is still one less heat styling session.


2. Cover up your hair.



When you go outside, pop on your hood or hat to protect your locks from exposure to the frigid temperatures. Trust me, hat head is better than damaged tresses.


3. Avoid hot showers.



I know that they feel amazing, but they do nothing good for your mane. In fact, a steamy shower dries out your hair which can lead to further damage. Try and stick with lukewarm water when you’re rinsing your hair.


4. Use a hair mask.



Sometimes your conditioner just isn’t enough. If you’re into face masking, apply a hair mask at the same time and you’ll get two brilliant beauty treatments in one go.


5. Reduce your hair tools use.



Yeah, I know it’s tough. You’re probably addicted to your flat iron and/or straightener. However, any heat styling tool will cause damage to your hair because it uses, well, heat. Even if you use a protective spray, the tool will still do a bit of damage, so try and limit how much you use your tools.


6. Turn the heat down.



It’s nice to be warm and toasty inside, but central heating can be as bad for your hair as the freezing temperatures outside. (We can’t win.) Resist the urge to keep it super hot inside. Your hair will thank you.


7. Try a leave-in treatment.



It’s easy to moan about using another hair product, but a leave-in treatment isn’t just some marketing ploy. The treatment will help keep your locks nourished all day long which can prevent damage.


8. Be gentle when brushing your hair.



Your hair isn’t made of metal so don’t start attacking it with your brush. Take it easy. If you start ripping apart knots, you’ll break your hair. And once you do that, there really is no way to repair it.


9. Be wary of dyeing your hair.



There are lots of amazing hair color products that actually nourish your hair, but be aware that a lot of the things in hair dye can damage your locks. If your tresses are already dry and damaged, the dye can just make thing worse.


10. Stop touching your hair.



You’re probably doing it right now and you don’t even realize it. It’s so easy to get into a habit of twisting, pulling, and/or flicking our tresses when we’re bored or stressed. The issue is that it creates friction which causes stress on the hair. Surprise, surprise, that can lead to issues.


11. Try a protective hairstyle.



If you have natural hair, you know the benefits of a protective hairstyle so try one to keep your strands looking their best.


12. Sleep on a silk pillowcase. 



Yes, believe it or not, the pillowcase that you sleep on can make a difference. In addition to reducing frizz, a silk pillowcase won’t suck the moisture from your hair (and skin) like cotton and flannel ones can.


13. Consider your hairstyles.



Topknots and boxer braids are super trendy, but those tight, gravity-defying styles aren’t exactly the most hair-friendly options. Wearing your hair down is one of the best ways to go because it doesn’t put as much stress on your hair during styling. That’s provided you’re not blowdrying your mane like crazy, of course.


14. DIY your own remedy.



Do you love trolling Pinterest for new DIYs? Why not make your own nourishing hair mask or treatment? You’ll get your creative fix and you’ll keep your locks looking their best. Sweet.


15. Have frequent trims.



If you’re like me, you probably get your hair cut once or twice a year. In the winter, that isn’t good. When your hair gets damaged, the breakage can start working its way up to the top of your head. Therefore, it’s best to cut off the damaged bits before they take over.


How do you keep your hair looking its best in the winter? Let us know in the comments!

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