16 Basic Things That Should Happen In Every Good Relationship

At some point within the last decade or so (or maybe forever, I’m not really sure since I’m not immortal) women collectively decided to lower their standards. At some point, we all decided that a three AM “wyd” text was better than nothing, so we settled. I don’t want to say that girls need to raise their standards, but… girls need to raise their standards. It’s not our faults we have such low standards, it’s just that boys are taught by ~society~ that they can be f**kboys and still get all of the girls. And I’m TIRED OF IT.

I’m not saying that your bae should be showering you in gifts every second of every day, but sometimes, it is okay to have higher standards. In fact, they shouldn’t even be considered “high” at all – they are just basic things that every relationship needs. High standards would be expecting your bae to have a *perfect* job with absolutely no annoying personality traits. Basic standards are examples like the below, like, you know, normal and nice things someone who cares about you should want to do without having to be told. How did we get to a place where a boyfriend helping his girlfriend in the most simple of all ways is considered #GOALS deserving of endless social media praise? Why do we think basic support in relationships is so rare? Ugh! If you think your BF/GF might be slacking, here’s what you need to know about the basic things that should happen in every good relationship. And if they aren’t happening to you? Find someone else!

1. Bae helping you when you need help the most.

After the Grammys, an, uh, intoxicated Chrissy Teigen asked her husband, John Legend, to help her take off her jewelry. That’s like… a nice thing to do that should be expected to happen with a partner. YET, every news outlet decided that that made them goals. Your BF/GF should be able to do simple tasks like help you take off your jewelry without being praised for it (no offense, John).

2. Bae sometimes giving you sweet compliments for no real reason.

Like, props to Joe for saying what everyone else is thinking…but that shouldn’t be your relationship goal. Your bae should always think you are fire. Since, you know, you are. They don’t need to be showering you in compliments every day, but is something this small really that rare?
3. Accepting the fact that bodies are gross and weird.

People fart. Bodies are weird. It’s not really a “goal” for your BF to accept that. He just…should.

4. Having fun doing basic things.

Why does being an “adult” mean you can’t play board games? Why can’t playing a board game be a normal thing? WHATEVER.
5. Or just…doing things in general.

So just like…going to the beach?

6. Just looking at your SO.



8. Kissing

I might be wrong…but kissing isn’t really a goal if you and your bae have been together for a long time? Don’t congratulate your bae for showing you affection!
9. Your bae learning from their mistakes.

I don’t really understand how learning from your mistakes is a goal. It should be a thing that EVERYBODY in a relationship does.

10. Your bae having a relationship with your parents.

I mean, having a relationship with your partner’s family is something that everybody should have. Who else will spill all of the embrasassing family secrets that your bae has been hiding from you?
11. You and your GF/BF eating a meal together.

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People need to eat, so you might as well do it together. It’s not that complicated.

12. Taking care of you when you’re sick.

If your BF doesn’t take care of you when you’re sick…..END IT. In sickness and in health, right?
13. Just like…being a nice person?


14. Giving you gifts on special occasions, like birthdays and holidays

Isn’t this just… a social custom?
15. You and your bae holding hands in public.

Cute? Sure. Goal? Nope. Just a thing that couples do.

16. In conclusion, AMEN!

Which of these relationship goals are super basic? Tell us in the comments!

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