7 Pube Products Every Girl Needs To Survive

Pubic hair is tricky. Whether you leave it natural, shave it away, or wax it off, upkeep in that area is definitely part of the game. You basically have to decide whether you want to deal with itchy stubble, painful ingrown hairs, or unruly curls that don’t get shampoo to make them soft, which is… not ideal. Thankfully, there are more products made for your pubes than you might think, and they’ll address these issues. You have to take care of your pubes, along with the skin around it. You can totally make your own choice about whether to keep it or get rid of it, but the key no matter what is keeping everything well-maintained and groomed (which doesn’t mean getting rid of all the hair).

Not everyone’s goal is leave their pubic hair to be wild and free (although, go you, if you like that!). Even decidedly full bushes need a little love and care. I started investigating down this rabbit hole of pube-care, and lo and behold, there are entire lines of products dedicated to just taking care of the hair around your vagina. Furthermore, since these are vag-adjacent products, they’re all gynecologically tested so they aren’t going to mess with your pH or accidentally cause an outbreak of something weird just by being down there. Trust me, there’s something in here for everybody, no matter what you do with your pubes. These are seven pube products every girl needs to survive.

Which of these products do you already use? Are you going to buy some right now? Do you have new recs? Let us know in the comments!

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