30 Life-Changing New Skincare Products For 2017 You Have To Try ASAP

If you have paid any attention to the beauty industry at all in the last few weeks, than you’ve probably already noticed that skincare is the new makeup. By this I mean the look of great, natural skin is *in* for 2017, and the look of heavily contoured skin is *out.* Instagram makeup (you know – drawn in eyebrows, Kardashian contouring, thick foundation, sharp AF eyeliner) has apparently exhausted the beauty world, and so we have moved onto the opposite: dewy, glowy skin that is actually as healthy as it looks. Great! Fun! Different! The only problem? Uh, you have to actually get great skin. Luckily, there are tons of new skincare products coming out this year (or that just really launched) that will help you do this.

Seriously, there has never been a better time to get into skincare than right now. Everyone is obsessed with it, which means that products that would normally be super pricey will be duplicated for drugstore prices and packaging. It also means that there is a treasure trove of skin tips out there, which can be super helpful. And, of course, lots of great new products in pretty packaging that will make you want to spend all of the money – but before you do that, it’s best to find out if they’re actually worth it.

I’ve spent the last month or so trying out lots of different products and discovering so many new favorites. It’s been fun, but it’s more fun to share with others. So, here are some new skincare products launching in 2017 that you need to try out right now: 

1. Skin Laundry 3-in-1 Cleansing Oil


If you have not already jumped on the cleansing oil bandwagon, what are you waiting for? Cleansing oil might sound weird – who washes their face with oil? – but it’s actually amazing. You rub the oil into dry skin, then rinse clean with warm water. It removes makeup, it offers a deep cleanse, and it leaves your skin feeling soft instead of raw and scrubbed. I love this one because it’s so gentle. I use it as part of a double cleansing routine.

Skin Laundry 3-in-1 Cleansing Oil, $30, Sephora


2. Sol de Janeiro Acai Body Power Cream


Acai has been a superfood foodies have been obsessed with for a while now, but it originates in Brazil, which means it’s an obvious choice for the Brazilian-made Sol de Janeiro line. This body cream is luxuriously soft, smells great, and leaves your skin feeling super hydrated. Put it on after a shower to feel magical.

Sol de Janeiro Acai Body Power Cream, $45, Sephora


3. Clean & Clear Acne Triple Clear Bubble Foam Cleanser


Looking for a new face wash? I highly recommend this recent addition to the Clean & Clear line. It’s not your average cleansing gel or cream – this comes out as a super light foam that eaves your skin feeling nice and tingly. The minty smell is super refreshing, and it helps fight breakouts.

Clean & Clear Acne Triple Clear Bubble Foam Cleanser, $6.64, Target


4. Dove Shower Foam


Foam seems to be the new thing for skincare in 2017, if this and the last product are any indication. Dove recently released this lovely shower foam, which is exactly what it sounds like – a foaming body wash. It leaves your skin feeling clean and happy for an amazing price.

Dove Shower Foam Body Wash, $5.99, Target


5. Herbivore Botanicals Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment


I’m a huge fan of Herbivore Botanicals, which is a line of natural beauty products in very aesthetically pleasing packaging, so I was thrilled to see this new addition. This Moon Fruit treatment is incredibly hydrating and soothing. You apply it at night – it’s too thick to wear under makeup – and massage it into clean skin to get the best results. Plus, the color is so dreamy!

Herbivore Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment, $58, Herbivore Botanicals


6. Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial 


If I had to pick the most popular skincare item of the moment, it would be this one, hands down. Drunk Elephant is a terrific all-natural brand that is finally receiving the attention it deserves. This new product is one I haven’t gotten my hands on just yet, but I’ve heard amazing things. It keeps selling out on Sephora and everyone is raving about how wonderful it makes their skin look. It’s pricey, but if you want to invest in something great, this is it.

Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial, $80, Sephora


7. Bare Escentuals BareMinerals Blemish Ready Acne Clearing Serum


BareMinerals is known for their awesome makeup products that are also acne-friendly (meaning they aren’t supposed to create more of it!), so skincare seems pretty obvious. This acne clearing serum is made to fight breakouts and it works. It’s light enough to wear under moisturizer all day long and it’s not irritating at all.

Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy Acne Clearing Treatment Serum, $42, Ulta


8. Biore Charcoal Acne Scrub


But before you put on an acne-clearing serum, you need a good acne-fighting cleanser. Enter this new Biore charcoal scrub. Charcoal is a purifying ingredient that digs deep into pores to get all of the gunk out, leaving your face feeling super clean and refreshed. This one includes salicylic acid to really fight those zits.

Biore Charcoal Acne Scrub, $7.59, Ulta


9. Boscia Charcoal Deodorant


Speaking of charcoal – why not use it as deodorant, right? If you’re looking to make the switch to an all-natural deodorant, you should try this one. It’s a spray deodorant made with purifying charcoal to keep your underarms dry and happy. It’s worth trying!

Boscia Charcoal Deodorant, $20, Sephora


10. Dial Coconut Milk Body Wash


Coconut milk is basically a nectar of the gods – it makes your skin super soft and moisturized. This new Dial body wash is made to hydrate dry winter skin, and it smells tropically delicious. Put it on in the shower and pretend you’re on an island somewhere.

Dial Coconut Milk Moisturizing Body Wash, $4.99, Target


11. Drunk Elephant Skin Fit Kit


Okay, so these Drunk Elephant products aren’t new, but this kit is. It includes three sample-sized bestsellers from the brand in a cute little mesh bag. The Lippe is one of my favorite lip balms to soothe chapped winter lips, and the B-Hydra Intensive Hydrating Gel is a truly awesome moisturizer for your face. And don’t forget about sunscreen, as even the winter sun can be harsh – Drunk Elephant’s Umbra Sheer Physical Defense is A+.

Drunk Elephant Skin Fit Kit, $25, Sephora


12. First Aid Beauty Hello Fab Vital Greens Face Mist


I love keeping a facial mist in my bag for those moments in the late afternoon when I feel like my skin needs a boost. This new face mist from First Aid Beauty is great when you need to feel refreshed or if you want to use it as a makeup setting spray. Plus, the green liquid will freak everyone out, which is just a plus.

First Aid Beauty Vital Greens Face Mist, $18, Sephora


13. Garnier SkinActive Micellar Makeup Removing Towelettes


Garnier makes my absolute favorite micellar water – it removes makeup quickly and easily in a soothing way that doesn’t require scrubbing. So I was thrilled to see their new micellar towelettes, which are perfect for traveling. Throw these in your suitcase to use for removing makeup at night. Because they’re made with micellar water, you don’t have to wash your face after using them!

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Makeup Removing Towelettes, $6.99, Ulta


14. Kiehl’s Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque


Right now is about the time that your skin starts to feel super dry, itchy, and flakey. To get rid of all of that, you need your skin to be super hydrated. Enter this new Kiehl’s mask. It smells great, but it also works quickly to leave you with hydrated, glowing skin. The aloe leaves your skin feeling pleasantly cool in a way you didn’t know you needed.

Kiehl’s Calendula and Aloe Soothing Hydration Mask, $45, Kiehl’s


15. Lumene Deep Clean Purifying Mask


A hydrating mask is essential for the winter, but you also still need a purifying one on hand. This creamy mask includes natural exfoliating particles that wipe away dead, dry skin. It’s made with anti-pollution technology to protect your skin, so it works even after you wash it off. It’s also made with Arctic spring water, which is fancy and feels lovely. This is an amazing mask for such a great price.

Lumene Deep Clean Purifying Mask, $24.99, Lumene


16. LXMI Nourishing Balm-to-Oil lxmi-balmThis 100 percent organic balm feels incredibly silky and soft and luxurious, but it also works. The silky buttery feeling melts away to soak into skin and hide any imperfections. It’s pricey, sure, but it works and it’s great if you have very dry skin.

LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt Nourishing Balm-to-Oil, $62, Sephora


17. First Aid Beauty Caffeine Matcha Wake Up Wipes


You’re probably pretty used to cleansing wipes as makeup remover, but these are ideal for the morning – made with caffeine and matcha, they should leave your skin feeling refreshed and ready for the day. They’ll wipe away impurities and any leftover makeup from the day before, and are a great prep before applying makeup.

First Aid Beauty Caffeine Matcha Wake Up Wipes, $15, Sephora


18. Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream Hydrating Moisturizerpeter-thomas-roth-water-drench-cloud-cream

Peter Thomas Roth is one of my favorite skincare brands ever, so I was beyond stoked to try this new Cloud Cream. It’s just as amazing as its reputation claims. This is a super, super lightweight moisturizer that leaves you feeling so hydrated. Most moisturizers that are this hydrating are heavy and great for night use, but this one is light enough to use for the day, layered under makeup. It was sold out on Sephora for a while before it was restocked, so grab it while you can!

Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream, $52, Sephora


19. Olga Lorencia Facial In A Box olga-lorencia-facial-in-a-box

In case you didn’t know, Olga Lorencia is a spa in California that is well-known in Hollywood, as celebs love to go there for facials and all kinds of skincare goodness. This new item is designed to mimic one of the most popular star favorites – the Red Carpet Facial service. You can use it as a kind of skin cleanse all together, or use each item separately. They’re meant to make your skin look and feel amazing. The kit is expensive, but compared to the salon fee, it’s a great deal.

Olga Lorencia Facial In A Box, $105, Olga Lorencia


20. REN Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask


Okay, so this is definitely one of my new favorite face masks from this latest crop of skincare. This recuse mask is made to rescue skin that is in serious trouble – it’s calming, so it will help with irritation, redness, dryness, stress, or even just blotchiness. It’s thick and creamy, and goes on so smoothly, leaving your skin feeling instantly more calm – for real! I love using it when I really need a boost.

REN Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask, $38, Sephora


21. Lumene Glow Boost Essence


Another one of my absolute favorite new products right now is this Lumene essence. It’s made with Vitamin C, which is terrific for your skin, preventing aging and leaving you with a glowing complexion. This Glow Boost really does make your skin look luminous – it also smells like citrus in a good way, leaving you feeling refreshed and happy.

Lumene Glow Boost Vitamin C Hyaluronic Essence, $24.99, Lumene


22. Sephora Micellar Cleansing Milk


You’ve heard of micellar water, but micellar milk? This new Sephora skincare product is like a combo of coconut milk and micellar water. It’s gentle and great as a face wash. I also like that the bottle is small – makes it perfect for traveling!

Sephora Micellar Cleansing Milk, $7.50, Sephora


23. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream


Who else is struggling with dry, cracked winter skin? If you are, you need a heavy duty moisturizer hat doesn’t just smell nice or look cool. This First Aid Beauty pick is intense in a good way.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration, $30, Sephora


24. bbrowbar Rose Cleansing Balmbbrowbar-cleansing-balm

Another amazing way to remove makeup is to use a balm like this one. It feels super silky and soft, and you rub it into your skin to get rid of makeup and other icky buildup. This one smells lovely and fresh, and works like a dream.

bbrowbar Rose Cleansing Balm, $30, bbrowbar


25. Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush Body Mist


Is this skincare? Technically no. But I wanted to include it because it’s important for your skin to smell great, as well as look great. Sol de Janeiro released this body mist, which is a light fragrance based on their incredible original Bum Bum Cream. It smells exotic and tropical and will allow you to pretend you’re under some palm trees.

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist, $32, Sol de Janeiro


26. The Body Shop Youth Liquid Peels


At-home peels are having a moment, and if you’re going to try one, make it this one. They can seem intimidating, but the right product, like this one, is easy to use and is not super harsh. It lifts away dead skin cells, exfoliates, cleanses, and leaves your skin glowing and clean. You also only need a small amount for it to get the job done, which is always a plus.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth TM Youth Liquid Peel, $25, The Body Shop


27. Treets Traditions Revitalising Ceremonies Body Salt Scrub


Your face isn’t the only part of your body that gets dry and flakey in the winter – the rest of your skin does to! Slough away dead skin cells with a body scrub like this one. It exfoliates everything so that moisturizer can really soak in. You need a scrub like this to actually stay hydrated.

Treets Traditions Revitalising Ceremonies Body Salt Scrub, $20, Ulta


28. Vita Liberata Self-Tanning Anti-Aging Serum


If self-tanner for your face makes you nervous but you’re sick of looking at pasty white skin, this new serum is for you. It leaves a subtle glow behind in a healthy way (no fake tanning!), and it works double duty as an anti-ager.

Vita Liberata Self Tanning Anti Age Serum, $45, Sephora


29. Sephora Exfoliating Cleansing Cream


Sephora came out with all of these great skincare products in small, travel-friendly sizes, and I especially love the exfoliating cleansing cream. I love the charcoal one, which gets into pores to really leave you with a deep cleanse.

Sephora Exfoliating Cleansing Cream Charcoal, $7.50, Sephora


30. Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM Overnight Resurfacing Pads

Peter Thomas Roth already has a great retinol product on the market, but these pads are new. They’re super easy to use, they work so well, and they leave your skin looking amazing. You can get them on QVC at the moment, if they’re still available!

Which one of these products are you going to try? What did we forget to add? What kind of skincare is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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