11 Ways To Tell That You’re Really, Truly In Love

If you’re thinking about dropping the big L-word to bae soon, there’s probably one thought on your mind: How can you tell if you’re really, truly in love? How do you know if you’re ready to say those three little words, or if you’re just feeling a whole lot of lust? Overthinking it can lead to confusion and lots of second guesses, but at the same time, you want to make sure the feeling is really there. The signs of being in love are, to be honest, different for everyone, so it can be hard to give a concrete answer. But that doesn’t mean we can’t point you in the right direction!

A ton of people are going to say that being under a certain age means that you’re too young to fall in love, but that’s simply not true. People can fall in love at any age. Love isn’t just caring about someone a lot, being very attracted to them, or having butterflies when you’re around them. Yeah, those feelings exist while you’re falling in love, but that’s not all of it. Being in love with someone has more to do with how this person is in your life, how you feel about them, and how you behave together as well as all the sparkling fireworks-in-your-heart feelings that come with it. Like I said, it’s hard to describe, but if any of these things sound like you and bae, chances are you’re totally falling for them. These are 11 ways to tell that you’re really, truly, definitely all the way in love.

This Person Makes You More *YOU*

When people talk about falling in love, the phrase everyone likes to kick around is "they bring out the best in you," which sounds great, but what does that mean? It means that bae basically turns you into YOU with the volume turned all the way up. They push you past your comfort zone so you feel okay trying new, fun things. They make you feel braver, more confident, and bring out a surprising side of you that you may never have known that you had in you. This might make you feel totally invincible, like a super hero, and that's not totally off base, to be honest. They don't put you down or try to change you - they encourage you, and they act as your support system.

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The Beginning-Stages-Of-Dating Stress Just Melted Away

The anxiety of whether or not they're going to text you back on time, if they'll like the outfit you're wearing, or what they'll think of you doesn't plague your mind anymore. You know they're not going to take off running if they see you without makeup or wearing sweatpants. What used to make you worry just doesn't anymore. You trust them and don't doubt that they're into you as much as you're into them. Love is what you were feeling in the beginning, but deeper and with a greater sense of security.

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You Do Weird, Gross Things For Them Without Thinking

So bae is puking uncontrollably, needs help unclogging a toilet, wants you to help them shave their back, or asks you to pick a big zit? Sure, no problem. Really. Love makes you do gross things for people. Obviously, vomit and poop are gross, but handling it is no more gross than if it were coming from your body, so it's basically fine. When people need help, you help them, especially if it's the person you're in love with, and even if it's gross af.

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You Two Don't Need To Go On A Date To Have A Good Time

Dates show clear effort, thought, and wanting to make the other person happy - so, make no mistake, you should absolutely keep going on dates. However, at a certain point, you can fold your laundry next to this person while they watch TV and still have a good time. That stupid phrase "even going grocery shopping is fun!" suddenly makes sense. Whatever you two are doing, you're having fun. It doesn't need to be a date. In fact, it can be actively boring. Don't care! Everything's better with them.

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Other People Just Aren't That Attractive

Even when you're in love, you're going to be attracted to other people. But it's more of a thing that happens in the moment and stops at physical attraction. You don't really think about them all the time the way you think about the person you're in love with. You don't even think about your ex all that much anymore. You know, the one you said you'd never get over? Who? They just aren't the person you're in love with, so they don't get to take up that much brain space.

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The Sex Is Mind Blowing... For A Different Reason

The sex isn't full of athletic positions, fun tricks, or anything resembling what you see in porn, but to be honest, it's the best sex you've ever had. You and bae are just connected on another level that isn't there with casual hook ups. That doesn't always mean the sex has to be sweet and loving or that it's perfect every time. This just means that the sex is on a whole new level of amazing because of the person you're with, not necessarily because of the stuff they're doing to you.

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Bae Is The Best At Calming You Down

Being in love can make you feel the opposite of calm. You're thinking about this person constantly and it doesn't help that every song you hear reminds you of them, so you have butterflies constantly. But when they come around? All of that goes away and you feel calm and cool as a cucumber. It's like magic. You can be having an awful day, fighting with your bestie, or fail a test, but since you know this person's going to be there for you at the end of the day? You know you're going to be okay.

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You Don't Want To Change Them

It's normal to get annoyed with their little quirks or habits that get under your skin, but if you took them away they just wouldn't be THEM anymore, so it's easy to overlook the little annoyances. You aren't waiting for them to outgrow a hobby, a favorite article of clothing, or for them to change their opinion on something. You like all of them, the way they are, and you aren't thinking about tweaking or altering them in a major way. (Also, just a heads up, you can't fix people anyway, but it's nice not wanting to try anymore.)

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You're Unquestionably There For Each Other No Matter What

Something devastating just happened to them? You're right by their side. The best thing in the world just happened? You're so beyond happy for bae, it's really like it happened to you. It's not going out of your way to be there for them, it just what you do when you're in love. When someone's happiness is your happiness and you want them to succeed the same way you want success for yourself, being there for someone is a no-brainer. It comes naturally. What else are you supposed to do?

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Being A Total Weirdo Around Them Isn't Scary Anymore

I'm not kidding. You can be a full blown crazy person with this person and they won't be scared off. They've listened to you scream-sing songs in the car, eat food out of a container in the fridge with your hands, and talk in weird voices when you're pretending to be your dog. Who cares? They probably join in! There's no more "oh, this is too embarrassing, I can't possibly let bae in on the fact that I do THIS - it's too weird!" You can, no joke, 100 percent be your weirdest, fullest self around them and they find it endearing.

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You Just Know

If you're pressed and someone asked you why you loved this person, you can probably list off a few reasons, but if you're being real, it kind of falls short of how and why you love this person. You just do and it can be that simple. It happened without your knowledge or any deliberate effort on your part. Pinpointing a specific trait or situation as how you KNEW doesn't quite do your feelings justice. It's as easy and natural as anything else in your life, and just as much a part of your life as remembering to eat lunch. You just do it, no questions asked.

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Have you ever been in love? Okay, but have you ever actually told them? Let us know in the comments!

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