16 Skincare Mistakes You’re Making If You Have Oily Skin

Forget about getting your hair to behave, how about getting your skin to just calm down. Sometimes I feel like my skin has a mind of its own and it goes from being super dry to super oily overnight. Although, on most days, I’m dealing a case of grease face.

Oily skin is tricky to deal with. If you use the wrong products, they can dry out your skin completely. Then you have a whole new problem on your hands. (I speak from experience.) And if you use another set of products, they might make your face feel like an oil slick. And they could even make you breakout. Ugh.

Everyone’s skin is different so different products will work better for some people than others. However, there are some universal things that people do that make oily skin worse. Take a look at 16 mistakes you’re probably making if you have oily skin.

1. Piling on the powder.



Powder can be great for mattifying a shiny T-zone, but if you apply too much of it, you’re going to end up with major cake face. Plus, you’re not actually solving the root of the problem.


2. Avoiding all oils.



You probably run away at the mere suggestion of putting an oil willingly on your skin, but not all oils are bad. In fact, there are many dry oils and oil-based beauty products that are suitable for oily skin. And they don’t make your face feel greasy, either.


3. Overwashing your face.



Bad News: If you’re washing your face constantly to get rid of grease, you could actually be making the problem worse. That’s because your skin could start producing more oil to balance out all of the washing.


4. Never applying moisturizer.



Everybody needs moisturizer and that includes people with oily skin. Trust me. Stick with a lightweight formula and it won’t make your skin feel super greasy.


5. Applying rubbing alcohol to your face.



Yeah, I know that it gets rid of the grease (at least temporarily), but that stuff is super harsh and completely dries out your face.


6. Failing to set your makeup.



Don’t spend 10 minutes applying flawless foundation then forgo setting your makeup. Powder and/or a setting spray will help keep things where they need to be and they can balance out your skin.


7. Assuming your entire face is oily.



You might think that you have oily skin when it actuality you have combination skin. Most people have oily T-zones while their cheeks are drier. If you think you fall into this category, make sure you look for products for combination skin so you’re not drying out your cheeks.


8. Not looking at all your options.



There are so many different products that are meant for oily skin from treatments to powders to blotting sheets to cleansers. If you’ve tried one and it didn’t work, don’t give up. There are so many options, that you will find one that works for you.


9. Ignoring the instructions.



I’m going to be Captain Obvious for a second: Products have instructions for a reason so make sure you follow them. You might want to try something different because you think it might be better for your skin, but that could just lead to an irritated complexion.


10. Forgetting about masking.



Masks aren’t just for hydrating your skin or dealing with pimples. There are formulas that will help to balance out oily skin.


11. Being aggressive when washing your face.



Sorry, but all of the scrubbing in the world isn’t going to somehow dislodge the oil from your face. All that it’s going to do is irritate your skin, so be gentle.


12. Using harsh products that dry out your skin.



The goal isn’t to dry out your face. It’s to balance it. Therefore, avoid any harsh products that suck the moisture from your skin.


13. Not using an oil-based cleanser.



Double cleansing is part of a lot of people’s regimens for a reason. The oil-based cleanser gets rid of oil and oil-based products whereas the water one gets rid of water-based makeup products. If you’re not using an oil-based cleanser, you’re essentially doing half the job.


14. Not realizing how amazing blotting sheets can be.



Blotting sheets might seem like an unnecessary beauty product, but in some ways they are better than powder. They help mattify a greasy T-zone without messing up your makeup. Sweet.


15. Not using products tailored for your skin type.



It sounds obvious, but it’s something that can get overlooked. Instead of using whatever face wash you have in the shower, look for one that is actually formulated for oily skin.


16. Forgetting to prime your skin.



When your face is on the oily side, makeup tends to migrate. Therefore, primer is essential.


What oily skin mistakes have you been making? Let us know in the comments!

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