7 Ways To Tell If Someone Actually Wants To Kiss You

In theory, knowing when to kiss someone is something that should just come from your gut. That is, you should just know, somehow, based on a combination of words exchanged, foot direction, and, of course, an exchange of sensual, passionate glances, that the time is right to lean in for a kiss. But when you’re around someone you like, all hope of relying on your gut for anything, much less kissing direction, pretty much goes out the window.

Basically, you shouldn’t feel weird about feeling weird about knowing when to kiss people. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not actually a big deal–one missed kiss will hardly be the  Still, if you’re in a moment with your crush that could possibly result in a kiss, it sure does feel important–plus, objectively, the situation is fraught with complications. You obviously don’t want to be the jerk who expects a kiss when the other person isn’t into it, but you also don’t want to be the person who missed out on a kiss because you missed the signs. It’s a balancing act! But, just so you know, it’s a lot less complicated than it might seem–so, check out these signs that someone wants to kiss you:

They're Getting Quiet

Counterintuitive, but true! If you're hanging out with someone--particularly in a, um, Netflix and chill-type situation--and they suddenly get a little quiet, this could either mean that they have been taken over by a demon and it is now your job to exorcise them, OR (and I guess this one is more likely) they're trying to work up the nerve to kiss you.

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They're Looking At Your Lips

Maybe you're both still talking, but you can't help but notice that they can't seem to look away from your lips. If so, this, again, could mean a few things--maybe you have something stuck to your mouth! Or, more likely, they just want to kiss you. Looking at someone's lips is a proven sign of attraction in general, and is often taken to mean that someone wants to kiss you.

They Lick Or Bite Their Lips

Again--lip stuff. Very important! This one seems like a parody of, like, every pre-kissing scene in an 80s music video or something, but, apparently, licking one's lips is often a sign that someone is drawing attention to their lips (either consciously or subconsciously) in an attempt to make yuo want to kiss them.

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They're Getting Fidgety

If you're, say, sitting on a couch with your crush, and you notice them shifting their body weight around but definitely not getting up to leave, this is a pretty sure sign that they want to go in for the kiss--they're just a little nervous and trying to work themselves up. How you react to this is up to you--you can lean in closer if you want them to closer, or turn away (or leave, TBH) if you're not really feeling it.

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They're Touching You

I mean, like, not in a gross way.  (At least, I hope not.) But if they're gently laying their hand on your leg, arm, or hand, this usually means that they're testing out how you feel about them--you can think of it as a first step to kissing. It's also a good way for you to gauge how you feel about the situation, too--if you're excited by their contact, that's great. If it freaks you out or makes you feel a little gross, it gives you a chance to withdraw from them before they actually go in for the kiss.

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They Mirror Your Body Language

If you're noticing that someone cups their chin in their hand right after you cup your chin in your hand, or shake their head right you shake yours, or lean back when you lean back, this is a pretty sure sign that someone wants you to kiss them (or wants to kiss you)--or, at the very least, is attracted to you. You're probably doing it too, by the way, so you're probably sending signals that you want to kiss someone without even realizing it.

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They Pop A Mint...And Offer You One Too

Okay, so, technically, this could just be a sign that they think you have bad breath and want you to cover it up. But! I'd wager (especially if one or more of the other signs on this list are happening too) that this is usually a sign that they want to freshen up their breath and are offering you a way to do that too, just to be safe. So, if you're into it, go in for the kiss! You've got it.

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Were you surprised by any of these signs? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

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