Quiz: Which Hogwarts House Should You Actually Be In?

Like most people in the world (I mean, I assume) I spent the majority of my formative years trawling the dial-up internet on the family desktop computer for some answers. These answers, of course, had nothing to do with anything that the adults in my life might have considered to be “important”–my homework, the violin I was supposed to be practicing, the soccer game I was supposed to be going to, etc.–but, rather, answers exclusively relating to what I considered to be the most important thing in my life: Harry Potter. I wanted to know everything about Harry Potter–the Horcrux theories, the house elf conspiracies, the minor character backstories but, most of all, I wanted to know what Hogwarts house I was meant to be in.


I am sure you can relate. (I am a Ravenclaw, if you are wondering, because i like books and am a little bit emo and can never decide if the feeling in the pit of my belly is one of self-loathing or superiority.) There is nothing more soothing than the idea of an omniscient, impartial being giving you your friends for the next seven years based on the personality traits you possess that make you unique, of course, but also just like everyone else, so Hogwarts house content remains one of the most consistently popular sources of internet content.  Anyway, I am not the Sorting Hat, but I am also here to help you find answers. So, take this quiz to find out which Hogwarts house you actually belong to:

Were you surprised by your results? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments!

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