12 Embarrassing Questions About Nipples, Answered

Considering the fact that everyone has them, it’s kind of weird that there is so much about nipples we don’t know. We get a lot of questions every single day from you guys, and one of the most common subjects is nipples. You guys have a lot of questions, and honestly, I don’t blame you! Nipples can be weird AF and no one ever really talks about them, aside from some pervy comments about them being hard. So, we’re going to talk about them, and we’re going to give answers to some of the questions about nipples you have that you’re too embarrassed to ask anyone else. We’ve got your back!

Nipples do more than just decorate your boobs – they can be used during sex for pleasure, they can indicate something shady going on in your body, and they’re obviously essential for breast feeding. But they also have a lot of little quirks that might freak you out. And just like any other body part, we see versions of them in movies and start to wonder if something is wrong with ours. Spoiler alert: they’re probably fine. But let’s discuss further! Here are the answers to your most embarrassing questions about nipples. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone you asked.

WTF Are These Little Bumps On My Nipples?

I can't tell you how many questions we've gotten about bumps on your nipples. I know it seems weird, but don't worry - it's totally normal. The bumps typically appear on the areola - the colored circle around the nipple. The aerola has sebaceous glands known as Areolar glands or Glands of Montgomery that look like bumps, and they're supposed to be there. Except... no one really knows why they're there. Unless they hurt or drastically change color, they're totally fine.

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Is It Weird To Have Nipple Hair?

No, it is not weird to have nipple hair! Most women have it, but it can vary - for some women there's a lot, for some women there's just a little, for some women it's dark and curly like pubic hair, and for some women it's light and fine. It's nothing to worry about and is totally normal. You might not see it on nipples in movies or porn, but that doesn't mean it's weird.

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Why Are My Nipples So Big Compared To My Boobs?

Like any other body part, no two nipples are the same. Some are big, some are small, some seem to fit perfectly with your boob size. Either way, doesn't matter - it's not a big deal. Nipples can also increase in size if you gain weight or get pregnant. Don't stress over the size of them - it won't be a dealbreaker unless someone has super specific taste, and in that case, you're better off!

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There's Liquid Coming Out Of My Nipples, WTF Is Happening To Me?

I totally get that you would be freaked out by liquid seeping out of your nipples if you're not breastfeeding or pregnant. But please don't stress, you are NOT having a baby (probably) and you're not dying. It's actually pretty normal for your nipples to leak fluid. It could happen if your breast or nipple is squeezed really hard or if they're stimulated a lot. But I do want to note that it CAN sometimes be a sign of something weird. If you get discharge at random moments of the day when you're doing nothing out of the ordinary or if it hurts or is bloody, you should probably get checked out at the doctor.

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What Color Should They Be?

Uh, okay, so you definitely shouldn't be worrying about this unless your nipples are, like, orange. Nipples can range in color from super dark to super light. Your areolae depend on your ethnic background and the color of your skin in general, so it makes sense that they might be very light if you have fair skin or very dark if you have dark skin. Oh, and they can also change color if you get pregnant.

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Is It Weird That They Don't Look The Same?

Nope. Like your boobs, your nipples are usually not exact twins. There are probably some differences in everyone's nipples, whether it's subtle or totally noticeable.

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What's The Deal With Nipple Piercings?

Nipple piercings are popular because they look badass and, to be honest, they kind of have a sexy vibe to them. They are also *supposed* to increase stimulation during sex. But let's talk about them, because they shouldn't be taken too lightly. First of all, they can take a long time to heal - between three and six months or longer. Don't let anyone put their mouth on the piercings until they heal, unless you want a nice little infection. They can also, believe it or not, end up making your nipples larger. Can they make sex better? Uh, it depends. Sometimes they can, but other times, not so much. This Bustle article is interesting if you want to read what real women have to say about their nipple piercings.

Oh, and one other note: nipple piercings can close up very, very quickly (like in moments), so don't take it out for a long period of time.

Should You Really Play With Your Nipples During Sex?

Yes! You should! Nipple stimulation is real, and actually, you can sometimes even achieve an orgasm through nipple play. Seriously! It's kind of rare, but it can happen. Some women are super sensitive when it comes to their nipples, and it can feel so good that they can end up having an orgasm. But even if it doesn't go that far, it's still worth including them in your sexy time fun. Have someone lick or touch them to see what feels best for you.

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Do People Really Have Extra Nipples?

Yup! In fact, more people have extra nipples than you think - Harry Styles included. Extra nipples are actually really common, and the reason you don't hear about them more is simple. People either aren't admitting to having them, or they just don't notice them - it's not always a glaringly obvious thing. They usually end up looking more like a mole, but they never develop into a breast, and they can happen anywhere on your body.

Okay, WHY Do They Get Hard? And How Can You Prevent It?

A few reasons! It's true, cold weather or just being really cold can definitely make your nipples hard, although no one really knows exactly why. They can also hard when you're aroused. These are the most common reasons, but sometimes you might notice that they get hard out of nowhere. That's fine, as long as they don't hurt. It's not a big deal! People just make it weird.

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Why Are My Nipples Itchy Though?

Do you ever feel a super annoying itch in your nipples that feels impossible to get to? It's probably no big deal. It's either a minor skin irritation (like from laundry detergent or just your clothes rubbing against them too much) or it's because of a condition like eczema. Since itchy nipples are usually also dry, you can try to soothe them by using lotion made for sensitive skin.

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Are Inverted Nipples Real?

They are! They're actually pretty common, with about 10 to 20 percent of women sporting them. They become inverted when breast tissue is attached extra tightly and ends up pulling the nipple skin inward. There's nothing you're doing that's making them that way, it's just the way your breast tissue is.

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