15 Genius Ways To Stay Super Cozy In Class

It is no secret that everything tends to feel a little more difficult at this point in the winter. Why is this? There are a number of reasons. It’s cold. It’s dark. Everyone around you is a little sad. You’ve got dry skin, probably. The excitement of the holiday season is long gone, but there’s still a sizable stretch of winter left before there is even the tiniest hint of spring. What all of this results in, of course, is a feeling of general malaise that makes anything you’re supposed to do–like, for example, showing up to school–feel impossible.

In fact, if you are anything like me, the only thing that really feels right to do around this time of year is lay in bed, eat some snacks, and watch old episodes of Vanderpump Rules. But this does not make one a happy, healthy member of society–plus, the novelty of doing nothing tends to wear off after some time. The solution? Bring your comfort along with you whenever you go to school.  I mean, you won’t be able to bring your bed, and it’s probably bad form to start streaming old reality TV or, say, Michael Bolton’s Big Sexy Valentine’s Day Special, excellent though it may be, in the middle of your Bio exam. But there are some things you can do to make your classroom experience just a little more comfortable. So, if you need an extra boost to get you through the winter, check out these easy ways to stay cozy in class:

1. Wear Hand Warmers


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Your extremities–that is, your hands and feet–are often the parts of your body that suffer most when you’re cold, since it’s harder for your blood to circulate there. If you often find that your fingers are often cold and blue, try getting some hand warmers–Gurl editor Jessica Booth has these adorable little toast warmers that you see above, and she wears them a lot. As someone who sees someone wearing said warmers, I can say that they’re pretty unobtrusive, so they won’t be distracting. If your teacher makes a comment about them, it’ll probably just be to compliment you.


2. Wear Foot Warmers


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Why stop at your hands? You can also get foot warmers to stick in your shoes that will help you feel cozy and warm all day.


3. Put Wool Inserts In Your Shoes



Another way to keep your feet warm is by sticking wool inserts in them–it adds an extra layer of warmth without being too bulky.


4. Waterproof Your Canvas Shoes



Of course, if you get your feet wet at some point in the day (you know, on those days when school should have been cancelled, but all you got was a two-hour delay, but you still oversleep and when it’s time to go to school, the only shoes you can find are your Converse sneakers), you’re going to feel cold no matter what. The solution? Make them waterproof with this tutorial. This way, you can wear canvas sneakers all year round without having to worry about wet, soggy feet.


5. Bring Hot Tea To Class


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One of the easiest ways to feel warmer is to drink warm beverages. If you don’t have access to warm water all day, invest in a covered mug or bottle that holds hot liquids. I am partial to my S’Well bottle, personally (it keeps hot things hot for twelve hours!) but people also like Tervis and Thermos tumblers.


6. Layer Up



Wear layers. Like, a lot of layers–put on a tank top, then a T-shirt, then a sweater, then whatever jacket you wear to get to and from school. Each teacher will probably heat their room differently, but the school itself will probably be freezing AF, so it’s important to have options for each different classroom.


7. Wear Scarves To School



One of the most important steps when it comes to layering is adding a scarf–basically, if your neck is cold, you’ll be cold. Don’t let that happen! Plus, scarves are a super-easy way to make an outfit look cute without actually having to do anything, so adding a scarf to your look can be beneficial in more ways than one.


8. Don’t Like Scarves? Wear Turtlenecks


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I think that turtlenecks require too much personal labor to wear, personally–they make me feel like I am being suffocated!!–but they’re a great neck-warming alternative if you’re not wild about scarves.


9. If You’re Allowed To, Wear A Hat


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Most high schools don’t let you wear hats, but if you’re in college (or if your school is just really cool) add some sort of hat to your look. You lose a lot of heat through your head, so keeping it covered up can help you stay warm.


10. Wear Fleece-Lined Leggings


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A lot of people get through winter with fleece-lined leggings and tights–it’s an easy, comfy way to stay cute without feeling like your legs are going to fall off.


11. Or Leggings Under Your Jeans



If you need an extra layer of protection, try wearing leggings underneath jeans–plus, if the jeans are ripped, it’ll make it look like, you know, a look, even if you’re only wearing them to stay warm.


12. Wear Knee-High Wool Socks



If leggings feel like too much for you to wear all the time, you might want to invest in some knee-high wool socks. This helps keep your feet (and calves, I guess) warm AF–plus, as a bonus, they can look really cute peeking over boots.


13. Bring Snacks



If you’re not eating enough, this can make you feel cold. Plus, why deal with feeling hungry on top of already feeling cold? You’ll just feel extra uncomfortable, and, as a result, extra unfocused. Bring healthy, filling snacks like granola bars or the energy balls you see above (or not-so-healthy snacks, whatever, it’s your life) with you to classso you’re at your best.


14. Try To Move Around As Much As Possible



Obviously, you won’t be able to stand up and do jumping jacks in the middle of a lecture, but it’s important to remember that anything that gets your blood moving will warm you up. So, if you’re in college, try to walk to class instead of taking a bus or shuttle–you might feel colder on the way over, but you’ll feel warmer once you’re in class. If you don’t really have anywhere to walk, try doing some (subtle) chair yoga, which will help you stay warm and alert in class.


15. Exercise Whenever You Can

10 minute yoga routine

10 minute yoga routine

Exercise in general improves your overall circulation, which, in turn, can help regulate your body temperature, so getting a workout in a few times a week (even if it’s not before or during class) definitely can’t hurt.

Is it harder for you to get to school when it’s cold out, too? Do you have any tips for dealing with it? Let us know in the comments!

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