8 Things That Won’t Define Your Teen Years As Much As You Think

When you’re a teenager, everything feels like such a big deal. I’m not saying this to be condescending, it’s just the way it goes. I’ve been there, and rereading my old journal entries takes me back to a time when I thought that the biggest things that mattered (aside from Harry Potter) were things like convincing my friend to go to prom or whether or not some dude in my French class thought I was cool. With the help of TV and movies, there are a lot of things attributed to teendom that are presented as being of paramount importance, essential to having the ultimate teen years, that are a little…overrated.

In other words: It ain’t that deep.

I’m not saying this as a way to encourage you to be apathetic about everything, I’m actually saying this as a way to make you feel a little more reassured if you feel overwhelmed by some common pressures of teenhood. And OMG…there are plenty. So, take a deep breath and check out these 8 things that don’t define your teen years as much as you think.

Your Social Status Or Popularity

Believe me, people who still reminisce about their popularity status from their high school days are, more likely than not, sad individuals. On top of that, you won’t really care about what friend group you fell into either. Your quality as a person isn't based on who you were friends with when you were 16-years-old, or what other 16-year-olds thought of you, you know?

How Many BFs/GFs Or Hookups You've Had

Speaking as someone who didn’t have a BF throughout high school, I can safely say that it didn’t scar me for life. In fact, it didn’t even make a large negative impact on my life whatsoever. Having a partner in high school is so overrated, and you shouldn’t be pressed about it in college either. What happens happens, and you’ll be a lot happier if you go with the flow instead of thinking you look like an Uncool Teen™ because you don’t have a bae.

What College You Go To

Okay, yes, where you go to college is obviously a big deal. But you’d be surprised by how much your aganoizing college process and subsequent decision really…arent such a big deal down the road. I know, hard to believe, but once you’re past your freshman year you quickly realize that it really doesn’t matter. In a lot of ways, college is college, and you’ll relize that whether you’re going to a state university or an Ivy League.

Your Extracurricular Life

If you think that your future teeters on whether or not you make the varsity softball team, or if you get the part you want in the play, trust me…it doesn’t. Yes, grieve when you don’t accomplish what you’ve been striving for, and celebrate when you do, but no matter what, it’s not the make it or break it opportunity you think it is.


Look, I’m very pro-going-to-prom because dressing up and hanging out with your friends is fun. But I’m going to be real…you aren’t going to think about prom, like, a week after it happens. You wont’. You won’t care about that dress or those shoes you spent a zillion dollars on either.

Getting Good Grades

Please, strive for killer grades. They’ll help determine what college you go to, which can determine the course of your life. But if you think that anybody is going to give a damn that you had a 4.0 GPA in your senior year, or that you took a bunch of AP classes…LOL, guess again. Literally nobody will care, and honestly, by the time you graduate, you shouldn’t care either. Don’t let your grades define the success or failure of your teen years or your future.

Having An Exciting Life

I think that when we're teenagers we spend an inordinate amount of time trying to look cool (yes, we all do it) and try to have super exciting lives. Um, your life can only be so exciting as a teenager, and your life won't necessarily lok like an episode of Skins...and that's okay. Your ability to look back on your teen years fondly doesn't depend on how many concerts you went to, how many times you snuck out of the house, or how many times you smoked pot with your crush.

Which of these issues do you low key freak out about? Do you think there are any aspects of being a teen that are severely underratedTell us in the comments!

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