7 Amazing Sex Positions You Need To Try Before Winter Is Over

If, by any chance, you are somewhere in the northeast side of America today, odds are pretty good that you are experiencing a pretty bad snow storm. Even if you are not in that area, you are still probably experiencing some sort of winter weather. Unless you’re lucky enough to live where it is sunny 365 days a year, in which case, more power to you. But, no matter where you live, it is probably winter, AKA cuffing season AKA the time of year where you and your new bae try out all of these wintery sex positions. WTF is a winter sex position? You’re going to find out right now, and then your life will never be the same.

What makes a sex position perfect for winter? For starters, they are meant to keep you and bae warm, even when the weather outside is frightful AF. But honestly, do we really need a reason to give you awesome new sex positions to try out? I don’t think so, and these just so happen to be really fun ones that you should try before spring or summer rolls around. So, whether or not you and bae are snowed in, or just hanging out when you suddenly get in the ~mood~, try these sex positions out right now, before all of the snow melts.

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