15 Pieces Of Inspiration You Need To See If You Aren’t Doing Well In School

School is hard. I think this is a fact that, much like one of the most famous opening lines in the history of literature, is universally acknowledged and often stated–and, yet, still manages to feel like somewhat of a surprise every time it proves itself to be true.

One of the hardest thing about being in school, I think, is reconciling the fact that your grades and accomplishments don’t define you as a person–they really, really don’t–with the one that, at the same time, grades are important and have the potential to impact your life for years to come. Trying to deal with both of these ideas can invoke a feeling of academic drowning–you know, that thing when one assignment or test goes poorly, so you give up little by little until you’re barely trying at all, which, of course, isn’t great for your academic or mental health. What can help with this? Well, some tutoring, probably–plus a little extra inspiration  So, check out these pieces of inspirational photos and quotes that might just be what you need to see if you aren’t doing too well in school:

1. This quote from Steve Jobs:



2. And this one from Albert Einstein:



3. And this one from a random–but wise–studyblr user!



4. Don’t try to stop negative, self-doubting thoughts–simply suppressing them won’t work. Instead, try to turn them around:



5. Read this over any time something doesn’t quite go your way:



6. Remember this every time you’re not quite sure if you should work on something or not:



7. And follow these steps if you’re feeling a little off-kilter:



8. Try to motivate yourself with the things you’re going to learn instead of what your grade will be:



9. Remember that if your notes don’t look just like the ones you see on Tumblr and Pinterest…it’s fine. Really:



10. Develop a relaxed schedule when you’re on a break so studying feels instinctual instead of like a chore:



11. Develop a productivity routine that leaves room for self-care:



12. Focus on intrinsic rewards:



13. And think about things that make you happy when you’re studying (or that you can reward yourself with for doing well):



14. Don’t doubt yourself:



15. And, finally, remember that a scantron (or an oral exam, or a research paper, or a pop quiz) does not define you:


Did these posts ~inspire~ you? Which ones are your faves? Let us know in the comments!

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