7 Girls Get Real About What Anal Sex Is Actually Like

The act of sex can be terrifying, since you are naked and vulnerable with another person. Don’t get me wrong, it can be an amazing experience, but it can also take a little while to get there. And once you’re comfortable with it, it can be really awesome! So awesome, in fact, that you want to try new ways of doing it. And those new ways might be a little…intimidating. Something that a lot of girls struggle with is the idea of anal sex. It can be a lot more nerve-racking than regular sex, since the topic is pretty taboo and not many people talk about it IRL. Luckily, many people love to talk about it online, including the girls on our boards.


Recently, user andiebrontekay came to our boards and wrote about her anal sex experience. She wrote, “I had anal sex with some lad I knew at a party but we weren’t together and it was actually so good! What do you guys think of anal sex?” That’s a pretty common question, TBH. I mean, we all want to know what other girl’s sexual experiences are, so we can compare it to ours and get some tips and tricks. This is no different for anal sex, especially since it’s a topic that isn’t talking about very often. So, our girls shared their own stories about anal sex, and we’ve gathered them here so that you can learn from them. Check them out if you want to become an anal sex expert, or are just curious about it!


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