15 Weird Things That Cause Bad Breath

Bad breath. Halitosis. Funky mouth. You can call it whatever you like, but the thing that everyone can agree on is that no one wants it. If you’re like me, you probably have a purse filled with gum, mints, and maybe even a toothbrush, to keep your breath in check. And you probably do sneaky breath checks with your hand every so often just to make sure your mouth doesn’t smell like a sewer.

We spend a lot of time worrying about bad breath and looking for ways to prevent it, but we don’t often think about all of the different things that are causing bad breath in the first place. Of course we know about the infamous onion and garlic breath, but those two things aren’t the only culprits. In fact, some of the things that cause bad breath aren’t even related to food.

If you want to keep your breath smelling fresh, be on the lookout for these things. Check out the 15 random things that cause bad breath.

1. Mouthwash



Yes, you read that right. ABC reports that mouthwash can kill all the bacteria in your mouth which then results in your mouth producing too much of it. Furthermore, mouthwash can dry out your mouth which leads to more stinky breath.
2. Dehydration



RD reports that the Mayo Clinic says that dehydration is the leading cause of bad breath. Pass a gallon of water, please.


3. Sugar



You might want to cut down on those cookies, doughnuts, cakes, and candy bars if you’re concerned about bad breath.
4. Medications



You know all of those side effects listed on your medications that you don’t read? Well, one of them could be bad breath. Sometimes it might not even be listed, but it can still be a problem.


5. Colds



Some people find that they get funky breath when they’re sick thanks to the bacteria.


6. Stress



Oh, stress, what doesn’t it do to our bodies? Bad breath is one of its side effects, apparently, since it promotes the bacteria that causes it. Tough break.


7. Being Hungry



And here you thought that your growling stomach was the only sign that you’re hungry.


8. Bacterial Imbalance



Your mouth is filled with bacteria. While some of them are good, too much of the wrong type can lead to major halitosis, according to BuzzFeed.


9. Dry Mouth



Dry mouth is already an issue in of itself, but did you know it can also make your breath smell rank?


10. Diabetes



Diabetes has a few different symptoms and bad breath can actually be one of them. Who knew?


11. Certain Illnesses



Depending on the type of funky breath you have, it can be used to diagnose different illnesses, according to RD. That doesn’t mean that if you have bad breath, you have other issues. Just know that certain types of bad breath have been linked to kidney and liver disease and throat cancer.


12. Crash Dieting



Here’s another reason to avoid crash dieting: bad breath. A balanced diet usually keeps the bacteria in your mouth happy, but a restrictive one can seriously mess things up.


13. Too Many Mints And Pieces Of Gum



That’s right. The stuff that is supposed to make your breath smell fresh, could be making it worse. The issue is if you’re chomping on gum and mints that contain sugar.


14. Gum Disease



Want another reason to brush your teeth thoroughly? Bad breath can sometimes be caused by gum disease. Yikes.


15. Too Much Outdoor Exercise



Yup. Hear me out on this one: RD reported on a study that found that almost 50% of athletes who exercised outdoors have breathing issues. You can thank things like pollen, pollution, and the resulting dry mouth for messing with their breath.


How do you deal with bad breath? Let us know in the comments!

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