7 Unique Ways To Use Sex Toys During Sex

We talk a lot about sex toys here at Gurl, but we really only ever talk about the idea of using toys when masturbating. I mean, that makes sense! How else would you use a sex toy… right? Actually, there are a lot more ways to use a dildo than to just do it yourself. They aren’t called “sex” toys only for solo sex, you know. You might think there is no need for sex toys if you have a partner to get it on with but, no offense, you’re wrong again. There are actually ways to incorporate your sex toys into your sex life, and if you’re not trying them, then you are seriously missing out!

Maybe you have used sex toys while getting it on with your bae, and you’re looking for a different way to want spice things up. That’s cool! There are a few ways to do this and they can seriously change the way you and bae have sex. Are you unable to orgasm during penetrative sex? Don’t stress, using a sex toy while you have intercourse can help you have an orgasm and up your sex game from great to amazing. Don’t believe me? Just try out these tips for incorporating sex toys into your sex life. They can be used as foreplay, during sex, or really any way you want them to be used. Not to sound like an infomercial for these, but the possibilities are pretty endless.

Are you going to use any of these sex toy tips? Tell us in the comments!

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