Why Do You Get Acne Down There?

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I recently got a zit down there. I popped it, but I don’t know if I should have done that? That’s what I do if they show up anywhere else, so I figured that’s what you’re supposed to do? And why do you get acne down there? Is it because I wasn’t cleaning properly? What’s the correct way to get rid of it? I’ve never talked to anyone about this and I don’t feel comfortable asking my mom. Is this normal?


Noticing a pimple down there can feel super surprising. You’re taught that it’s normal to get acne on your face, back, chest, and neck, but acne in your vaginal area? It seems foreign and weird, mainly because no one ever talks about it. Unfortunately, though, pimples down there are totally normal, and usually completely harmless, like pimples anywhere else on your body. But, uh, how do they get there? We know that things like makeup, irritating products, touching our skin, and sweating can cause zits elsewhere, but what causes them on your vag?

The answer is way less complicated than you might think. Acne can appear there for the same reasons it appears anywhere else – bacteria, hormones, skin irritants, and sweat. Some women report seeing them more around the time they get their periods, some women see them when they get sweaty and are wearing something tight, and for some people, it’s totally random. There is no one cause to look for, because it can be so many different things.

One important thing to note: oftentimes, a pimple down there is actually an ingrown hair. These bumps can look like the same thing, but an ingrown hair is a bit more serious than a pimple, because the hair can get infected as it grows inward. Ingrown hairs are typically cause by shaving and/or waxing down there. So, if you notice a pimple with a white head, you might want to pop it – if a hair comes out, it was an ingrown hair. If not? Probably just a normal pimple!

If you want to get rid of your vag pimple, there’s no real special treatment. Try pressing a warm compress on it or just try leaving it alone if it’s not hurting you (if it’s very sore, it could be an ingrown hair). I don’t know if I’d suggest using facial products down there, but there are products (like this) made specifically with down there acne in mind.

Good luck!

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