16 Cool Study Guides That Will Actually Make You Want To Study

You may have noticed that there has been a renaissance of sorts regarding study culture recently, (you know, if “study” and “culture” are two words you are in the habit of putting together). There is the studyblr phenomenon on Tumblr, first of all, which offers up photos of insanely neat, organized notes and  studying areas with the idea that simply seeing these ostensibly excellent studying methods will help you get good grades too. Pinterest–which has long been the website of choice for wannabe organizers–also has a bunch of similar posts.

I have always been a little skeptical of these kinds of blogs and pins–where’s the proof that using Muji pens and calligraphy paper for your notes will help you get good grades?– but these sites are good for more than just showing you calligraphy that you’ll never be able to achieve.  Both Pinterest and Tumblr also have a bunch of study guides that maintain their aesthetically-pleasing allure while also being genuinely helpful to a bunch of different subjects.

You should obviously use whatever resources your teachers provide you with first before you turn to these–some teachers will want you to use a certain algorithm or formula that won’t be covered on these guides–but it can be helpful to have another thing to help explain a certain concept. So, check out these cool study guides that will actually make you want to study:

1. Not sure how to study? Check out this overall guide–print it out and put it over your desk:

2. And here’s a more comprehensive guide for something that might be a difficult subject for you:



3. If time management is an issue for you, check out this guide for scheduling:



4. Here are some different techniques you can use:

5. You’ll need to take a slightly different approach for exams–there are some good methods here:



6. Now, let’s get more specific–if you have to do a report or presentation on a chapter for English, here’s a good sheet to use:


7. Need some help in Biology? Here’s everything you need to know about mitosis and meiosis:

8. And the Lytic cycle:

9. Ah, Punnett Squares. Here’s everything you need to know about these:

10. Here’s a good chart for mastering logarithmic equations:

11. And here’s a nice little chart for classifying triangles:

12. And a more specific one for similar triangles:

13. Not sure how to read a poem? It’s okay! Most people don’t! Check out these (beautiful) guide that will make your English teacher weep tears of joy:

14. Here’s a pretty foolproof checklist to look over before turning in an essay:

15. Into mnemonic devices? Check out this one you can use for AP World History:


16. And, finally, this isn’t a study guide, but it is important–here’s some good advice on how to deal with bad grades:


What do you think of these study guides? Do you think you’re going to use any of them? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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