11 Of The Most Ridiculous Compliments Every Girl Has Gotten

I’m not a monster, so I love a good compliment from time to time. Something like “I love your Instagram!” or “Your hair looks great today!” or ” Why do you hate boys so much?” always makes me feel good, and it is nice to hear every once in awhile. But, on occasion, there will be a compliment thrown my way that is either A) offensive or B) unwanted and gross. And, often, they are from men. Sorry, males. I’m not trying to be a boy hater, but a lot of boys don’t know how to compliment a girl. Or, they think that what they are saying is a compliment, but it’s actually either super offensive or just disgusting. But, they make for some good stories.

I recently found this hilarious/sad Reddit thread that asked the question: “Ladies, what is a compliment men give that you don’t like?” It is mostly a collection of girls saying all of the weird AF things guys tell them. But there are also some disgusting and awful comments that are, unfortunately, thrown around a lot. Odds are good that even you have heard one or two of these comments before. So, try and take comfort in the fact that it isn’t happening to just you. Take a look at these (unfortunately) relatable “compliments” that girls have received. And don’t be afraid to tell boys to shut up if they ever say anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. You don’t need that!!!


What is the most awful compliment you’ve ever gotten? Tell us in the comments!

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