15 Amazing Anti-Valentine’s Cards You Need If You Hate Romance

There are many aspects related to Valentine’s Day that, on a purely objective level, are highly enjoyable. Heart-shaped Reese’s cups, for example. Pink-and-red color schemes, which initially seem garish, but provide a soothing aesthetic once you get used to it. An excuse to watch Nora Ephron movies, or, if you prefer, the Galentine’s Day episode of Parks and Recreation. I would also say that this is a good day to, you know, celebrate actual, IRL romance, but that doesn’t really seem to be the case anymore–what with Valentine’s Day “signs as” posts and singles-oriented Valentine’s products, people seem to be more on the anti-Valentine’s Day bandwagon than the pro.

In fact, the anti-Valentine’s Day sentiment has grown so much in recent years that, at a cursory glance, it seems to have overtaken all of the romantic aspects of V-Day altogether. Particularly if you look for cards, and particularly if you look for cards on very specific parts of the internet. So, check out these totally amazing anti-Valentine’s cards–perfect for friends, lovers, and anything in between–you need if you hate romance:

1. An iconic imagining of your interior monologue, I assume:


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2. Dwight knows best:anti-valentines-card

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3. How sweet!anti-valentines-card-2

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4. Okay!anti-valentines-card-3

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5. *Cues Mandy Moore’s rendition of “Stupid Cupid” from The Princess Diaries*anti-valentines-card-4

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6. This one also doubles as a wall hanging that works all year round:anti-valentines-card-5


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7. Get this one as a breakup card? I don’t know, just a thought!anti-valentines-card-6

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8. Happy…venereal disease? That’s my kind of V-day card!

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9. The only acceptably cheesy card, tbh:


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10. A very British anti-Valentine’s card:anti-valentines-card-10

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11. Inspirational!


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12. Amazing:anti-valentines-card-12

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13. If you feel like getting a little sentimental, there’s this:anti-valentines-card-13

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14. Very true:anti-valentines-card-14

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15. Doesn’t this feel like something Liz Lemon would say? In any case, here is a card that works just as well–even better, perhaps–as a sext:

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What do you think of these cards? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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