22 Aesthetically Pleasing Ways To Make Your Bedroom Look More Organized

Unless you are a neat freak who keeps everything clean all the time, you know that staying organized can be really tough. This is especially true when it comes to your bedroom, which typically holds all of your stuff and is almost always just a little too small. Keeping everything from clothes to accessories to books to school stuff to makeup in their respective places is way easier said than done. Maybe you’re like me: you have so much stuff that even when you clean up, your room still somehow looks cluttered. Walking into a bedroom that looks disorganized AF can make you feel stressed, even if you don’t realize it’s happening, and since your room should be your sanctuary to go to when you need to relax, this is… not ideal. So, instead of getting rid of everything you own, it’s a good idea to find ways to make your bedroom look more organized. 

Making your room look neat and put together is usually more about finding smart ways to store things rather than throwing out stuff you might want to hold onto. You can choose to hide the clutter by figuring out how to store everything in the most organized way possible, like putting in hidden shelving and making use of boxes (more on that in a minute). Or, you can choose to make the clutter look purposeful and thought out, rather than having it look like you just threw a bunch of random things on a shelf (more on that in a minute also). So, how do you do these things while simultaneously being on a budget and having, like, a million other things to do with your life? Check out these aesthetically pleasing ways to make your bedroom look more organized – that way, your room looks good all around, and you feel happier.

1. Throw out the things you don’t need.



Okay, I know I said you don’t need to throw things out to be organized literally, like, two lines ago, but listen… you need to throw some stuff out. Like the things you never use that you’ve been holding onto, the items that are pretty much destroyed, and the stuff you genuinely don’t need.


2. Create a color scheme.



Start organizing your room by coming up with a color scheme. Sticking to a pattern of two or three major colors is automatically going to make your bedroom look more put together because it’s easier to look at. I like neutrals like black and white, or gray and white, or something like that. Those shades make it easy to add pops of color that end up standing out in a nice way.


3. Add under the bed storage if possible.



The space under your bed is one of the best storage spots in your room. No one can really see it and it keeps the clutter to a minimum. If you can, buy a bed that has built in storage drawers underneath. If you can’t do that, DIY it and make your own. If you can’t do that, buy long boxes (they make ones specially for this use) to store stuff.


4. Add baskets to your shelves.



Shelves alone aren’t enough to make your room look organized, especially ones like these in a nightstand. It’s too easy to fill those spaces with lots of items, making it look cluttered and also making it more difficult for you to grab the things you need. The result is either that we end up putting only one or two items there, which is a waste of space, or we put way too much and it looks messy. To fix this issue, buy baskets for your shelves. They look good, and they make it easier to find things since you can then pull them out.


5. Color code your hangers.



An organized room means nothing if you open your closet door to reveal a disaster. Try getting everything neat by color coding your hangers so that you can grab what you need quickly. This has the added bonus of looking very pretty.


6. Make your items work double duty.



One excellent storage idea is to make big items more functional. You need a mirror in your room, and you need more space. So why not turn your mirror into storage space? This tutorial shows you how to make your mirror into jewelry storage that still looks good, but you can put whatever you want in there. If you don’t want to make this, lots of stores sell them.


7. Label boxes.



Remember how I said you should make use of your shelves by adding baskets? Well, you can also add boxes – colorful ones are super fun. Just make sure you label them to make your life easier and more organized. This way, you know where to look for exactly what you need – and it looks great in general.


8. Get a cubby to hold lots of items in a controlled way.



A cubby like this one is perfect for storing shoes or other smell accessories – or even clothes, if you want. It looks good and it’s functional. Sometimes having a big piece that is divided into smaller spaces instead of a big piece with a ton of space makes things easier. You can buy it or make your own.


9. Make a shelving unit for your wall. 



It’s so important to make good use out of available wall space. One way to do that is with boxy shelving units, like the above. It looks very cool and also leaves lots of room to store many items. Again, you can make this or buy it somewhere – although the DIY version might be cheaper.


10. Utilize the space around your bed for storage.



Instead of pushing your bed against the wall, add small shelves behind it first. Make sure they’re shallow (as in they don’t go too far back), otherwise it will be difficult to get the things you need.


11. Use box shelves instead of regular ones.



Boxy shelves like these allow you to add more stuff in a more organized way. They’re also way better for holding things like books and magazines.


12. Mix and match shelves in different shapes.



If you want to make your bedroom look really cool while staying organized, try mixing and matching different shapes. It’s a little more eclectic than a minimalist sense of style, but that works for some people!


13. Use clips on hangers to hold more stuff.



Instead of putting individual clothes on one hanger, make the best use of your closet space by adding little clips to hangers to hold a few different items.


14. Make use of every available space. 


Don’t let any wall space go to waste! Put things you don’t use too often on a high shelf over your door or almost against your ceiling.


15. Get some natural light in there.



If possible, make sure your room gets lots of natural light. It just looks better than artificial light. Of course, light doesn’t make your room more organized, but it makes everything look nicer, so it just makes things more soothing.


16. Organize your drawers with separators. 



You can’t have a truly organized room if you stuff so many thing in a drawer that you can barely close it. Buy or make separators for your drawers so that everything has its place.


17. Keep some shelves more bare.



The key to looking organized in an aesthetically pleasing way is to leave some spaces bare. Yes, you should take advantage of space as much as possible, but having some spots that are more empty make a nice balance. For example: this four shelf cubby type of deal looks so good when one section is reserved for something different.


18. Put hooks under your shelves.



Make better use of your shelves by adding hooks underneath them (as long as they’ll hold). You can hang things like scarves or jewelry there.


19. Use identical shelving units to flank a vanity or bed.



Using two of the same shelving units on either side of something like a desk, vanity, or bed is a great way to store stuff and to make your room look super put together.


20. Add levels to your nightstand drawers.



If your drawers are deep enough, do some DIY action and add a shelf in there so that you have two “levels.” This almost doubles your storage space without making it look messy.


21. Hang a pegboard.



A pegboard looks cool and trendy and is a great way to hang lots of stuff. Use it anywhere, like in place of a headboard.


22. Add corner shelves.



Bare corners can look boring – filling them with something looks better than you’d think.

Which one of these tips are you going to try? How do you keep your bedroom looking organized? What did we forget? Share in the comments!

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