16 Tumblr Signs As Posts That Reveal What You’ll Be Doing On Valentine’s Day

Worried about Valentine’s Day? Yeah. I didn’t think so. Valentine’s Day, despite being unleashed upon the public with seemingly innumerable commercials, products, and movies every year, never actually ends up feeling like that big of a deal. There are always those who freak out about what they’ll be doing (or not doing) with bae on that day, or end up making it a bigger issue than it should be by trying not to think about it, but, for the most part, Valentine’s Day tends to feel like the afterthought of the Hallmark holiday that it is.

Still, if you don’t treat it like a big deal that must be celebrated or becomes a big deal through the process of pretending that it doesn’t exist, Valentine’s Day is pretty fun.  It’s a good excuse to watch rom-coms, first of all. There are also some cool things to buy. And, of course, there is the (obvious) fact that heart-shaped Reese’s are far superior to the original version, and, as such, the time to stock up on them is now.  And, of course, those Tumblr “Signs As” posts–the ones that tell you how you should be texting, which makeup look you should wear, and what you’ll be like in college–come out in full force in order to read your future and tell you what, exactly, you’ll be up to on this fateful (or not so fateful!) day. So, check out these Tumblr Signs As posts that reveal what you’re actually going to be doing on this Valentine’s Day:

1. If you’re single, what will you be doing?



2. Which cute lil couples’ activity will you be doing?



3. But, really–what do you want for Valentine’s Day?



4. How will you be acting with your S.O. the whole day?



5. How do you feel about this whole V-Tine’s situation?



6. Are you bakin’ this year?



7. What kind of ~lover~ are you?



8. Is Valentine’s Day…your day?



9. This might be the most important question of all–which Valentine’s candy is your fave?



10. Which emoji describes your upcoming day?



11. Did you start preparing for Valentine’s right away?



12. Which love song gets you going?



13. Which one is your ~mood~ on this day?



14. If you’re alone, how will that go for you?



15. Which gift would fulfill all of your desires?



16. Valentine’s not your thing? That’s fine. How will your Galentine’s Day be?


Were these posts accurate? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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