18 Best Examples Of The Roll Safe Meme You Need To See Now

If you have been on any social media site over the past few days, and you have managed to put blinders on against the Trump/Beyonce coverage that’s been dominating most newsfeeds, chances are good you’ve seen this picture:

This man is an actor, Kayode Ewumi, and the meme comes from a BBC Three web series he was featured in called #HoodDocumentary. His character, Roll Safe, makes a crude reference to his girlfriend’s oral sex skills and, in doing so, points to his head. And that’s it! The series came out in June 2016, so it didn’t become a meme right away–but, in November 2016, a Twitter account called “FootyHumor” posted a screengrab of the head-point with the following caption:

This is bad advice, but it’s not technically wrong if you think about it from a purely context-and-consequence-free standpoint. It’s the same kind of logic that goes along with, say, eating all of the food in your house today so you can’t eat it tomorrow, or purposely not asking your teacher for the homework, so, conceivable, you can say you didn’t know what the homework was, so you couldn’t possibly do it. This form–that is, bad advice–grew from there, and, thus, the Roll Safe meme as we know it today was born. So, check out these super-wise (JK) pieces of advice from the Roll Safe meme:

1. Very relatable:


2. Don’t show this to your teachers!


3. This one is so wholesome!


4. I mean…


5. Why does this random Travis Scott meme please me so much?


6. *Laughs* *cries*


7. If you’re a Hamilton-head, this one’s for you:


8. I don’t understand this Naruto reference, but I assume it’ll make some of you happy!


9. This one is actually good advice! REPEAT THE OUTFIT:


10. Also good advice!


11. Welp:


12. This “dead inside” theme seems to be a popular one with this meme:


13. HMMMM:


14. Me IRL:


15. That is some GOOD LOGIC:


16. And this is some Egg Logic:


17. Real:


18. WELP, that’s that. I’m out:

What do you think of this meme? Which piece of advice are you going to take to heart? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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