8 Ways To Deal With Heavy Discharge Without Losing Your Mind

I hope we’re slowly but surely getting to a place where we’re able to be more open and honest about what I like to call one of the last taboos: vaginal discharge. We often don’t learn about it or only give it significant thought when we’re paranoid that we have a yeast infection. But even if we do start feeling a little more comfortable talking about the fact that our underwear can look like a–er–mess at the end of the day, even that doesn’t ease the nerves of folks who have a hard time seeing their discharge as a minor inconvenience. There are plenty of people out there who have heavy discharge, or at least think they do, and an average day can be spent paying more attention to vaginal discomfort than anything else.

Unfortunately, if you were to Google “Do I have heavy discharge?” your responses will pretty much equate to the following: Everyone produces a different amount of discharge, and some have heavier discharge than others. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, your discharge is only abnormal if the color is off, the smell is funky, and it’s the texture of cottage cheese.

Good to know, of course (please, make sure that your heavy discharge isn’t actually a vaginal infection in disguise), but for folks who have otherwise normal discharge but produce a lot of it, it’s of little comfort. But there’s no way to magically have less discharge, so how are you gonna deal when it feels like your undies are soaked all the time? Check out these eight ways to deal with heavy discharge without losing your mind. There are no short cuts–no pill or herbal remedy that’s clinically proven to make your discharge chill out–but these steps can help make you feel a little more comfortable down there.

Wear More Loose Fitting Pants

Yes, I too love a pair of tight pants, and a pair of black leggings and an oversized sweater or top is pretty much what I wear half the time. But please, give the vag a break every now and then from all that tightness, heat, and moisture, and wear looser fitting bottoms a little more often. Your vag will thank you, and so will your discharge.

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Go Underwear Free As Much As Possible

Okay, so maybe you’re not going to go commando when you’re out and about in public (or maybe you will, I don’t know your life, more power to you), but do you really need to wear your undies when you’re just lounging around the house in some sweatpants? Nah, probably not. And you definitely don’t need to wear underwear at night. Let your vag breathe! You’ll not only reduce your risk of developing a yeast infection, you’ll also experience a little more freedom down south that underwear often restricts. Comfort is key.

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Change Your Undies A Couple Of Times A Day

his might sound a little extra, but changing your underwear a couple times throughout the day could give you some much needed relief. You might consider it a waste of undies, but hey, you’re not throwing anything away! You’ll just have to do more laundry. This might not be super convenient for many of you, but if you really can’t deal with the sensation of discharge down there, this might be a reasonable last resort.


Track Your Ovulation

The amount of vaginal discharge you produce increases significantly when you’re ovulating. Ovulation occurs between your cycles, often around the half-way mark. Tracking your ovulation (also known as your fertile window) can help you prepare for days that are going to be a little heavier than others. You can do this easily with period trackers like Clue; you can even track the consistency of your discharge so you can find a pattern from month to month.


Wear Period Undies On Heavy Discharge Days

Period underwear is having a moment right now, and many companies are advertising undies that are both ideal for light days of your period as well as discharge. These undies are specially designed to whisk away moisture, which might be ideal for those days when you feel uncomfortably wet down there.


Be Wary Of Panty Liners

You might assume that panty liners are a great way to deal with discharge, especially if you want to preserve your undies a little better. But be weary, panty liners can reduce air flow down south, increasing heat and moisture, and making your bits ripe for a yeast infection. That’s the last thing you want if your heavy discharge is getting you down. If you notice any irritation when you wear panty liners, ditch ‘em.


Consider Your Stressors

Stress effs up everything in our bodies, including our discharge. Yup, stress may lead to heavier discharge, which can lead to discomfort, which can make you even more stressed out. It’s a never ending cycle of anxiety and icky undies. So consider your stress levels a bit more. Throw in some deep breathing, yoga, exercise, and—hell—even therapy into the mix. Of course, you’ll notice plenty of other positive side effects aside from lighter discharge, but consider that a bonus.


Accept That Heavy Discharge Is Just A Part Of Your Life And That Nothing Is Wrong

At the end of the day, discharge is just cervical fluid. Like everything else vagina related, everybody has something different going on down there. Some people have heavy flows, some people have bad cramps, some people have heavy discharge, and some people have to deal with all three of those things, making the vagina a place of constant frustration. But hey, you’re not alone and it’s really not that unusual or anything to be concerned about.


Do you have any other ways of dealing with heavy discharge? Tell us in the comments!

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