20 Clever DIY Projects That Will Make Your Purse Organized AF

If you are a person who carries around a large handbag, chances are good that it’s a total mess. I mean, sure, I guess it’s possible that you’re one of those people who manages to keep everything neat and tidy with a nice minimalist sense of style, but it’s more possible that you’re like me – someone who intends on keeping her purse clean, but then keeps throwing things in it, creating a seemingly bottomless pit of small stuff. No matter how many pockets or compartments there are, handbags always seem to become a cluttered and confusing space. If you want to make your handbag more organized, you are definitely not alone.

Because, think about it: aren’t you sick of frantically searching through your bag looking for your cell phone that was literally just in your hand? Aren’t you feeling embarrassed about all of those times you stood in front of a cashier, desperately trying to find the $20 you swear you just threw in there? Don’t you want to be able to think, “Hm, I need chapstick,” and then just… grab it? Same. If you want a more clean handbag that has a place for everything, these DIY projects are for you. They’ll keep your handbag organized and keep you busy during your free time. You can’t lose!

1. DIY Leather Cord Keeper



Many of us carry around phone chargers, earbuds, and even portable charger charging cords. These can all easily get tangled up and lost, even if there’s only one cord in there. Keep them neat and un-tangled with a little leather cord keeper like this one that is pretty easy to make – and it looks chic too.


2. DIY Leather Glasses Pouch



You shouldn’t be putting your glasses or your sunglasses into your bag without any protection at all. While a hard case is your best bet, something like this little pouch is still a great idea. It’s lightweight and doesn’t take up too much room, it will keep your lenses from getting scratched, and it looks good.


3. DIY Bobby Pin Holder



It’s almost like throwing bobby pins in your bag is like throwing them in the garbage, you know? They always disappear! Keep them in one place with a little container like this one. It’s also great for small items like jewelry.


4. DIY Makeup Bag



The key to keeping your handbag more organized? Fill it with other, smaller bags, like a pouch like this one. Whether you use it for makeup, small items, or pens is up to you, but you should definitely have at least one of these.


5. DIY Clothespin Cord Keeper



Don’t feel like putting too much work into something? Try this clothespin cord keeper, which is so easy to make and requires no sewing. It will keep your cords nice and neat.


6. DIY Chapstick Holder



Chapstick is another thing that always seems to get lost in the depths of a handbag. Keep yours on hand with a keychain holder like this one.


7. DIY Cord Organizer



If you have a lot of cords on hand at all time, you might want to make something like this organizer, which keeps everything in one place. It’s also really great for traveling.


8. Hair Tie Holder



How frustrating is it to search for a hair tie in a messy handbag and never be able to find it? Keep yours all in one spot by simply repurposing a mint container.


9. DIY Jewelry Clutch



This pretty DIY jewelry case is the best way to tote around your jewelry, especially if you change at the gym and want to take those items off. This is also ideal for traveling.


10. DIY Tassel Keychain



If you always manage to misplace your keys in your bag, try putting a big keychain on them so they’re more visible and easier to grab. This leather tassel one looks so cool.


11. DIY Leather Envelope Clutch



If you don’t have a wallet, you probably end up putting cash or your cards/ID into a side pocket of your bag, which isn’t the best idea. Make your own tiny little clutch, then use it to keep the important things safe.


12. DIY Purse Organizer 



If your handbag doesn’t have pockets or compartments, make your own. This portable one can be moved from purse to purse and has a spot for everything to stay super organized.


13. DIY Passsport Holder



Traveling anytime soon? Make this cute passport holder. It’s so chic!


14. DIY Pencil Case



If you carry around pens, markers, and/or pencils for school, make this little case for them. It keeps the inside of your bag safer, and keeps these things all together in one spot.


15. DIY Sanitizer Jacket



Want your hand sanitizer to always be in easy reach? Make this little jacket keychain. It also prevents your hand sanitizer from spilling all over your bag, which sucks (take it from me).


16. DIY Sunglass Pouch



This option is similar to the one above, but shows what you can do with different patterns.


17. DIY Taco Earbud Holder



Why is this the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life? Make this and you’ll never lose your earbuds again.


18. DIY Wallet Organizer



If you can sew, make your own cool little wallet organizer. It has spots for everything you can imagine and is obviously easy to move around from bag to bag.


19. Purse Organizer



This organizer is a little bit bigger and can even hold a tablet or book. Super useful!


20. DIY Triangle Pouch



Need a small spot to hold super small stuff? Make these adorable triangle pouches.

Which one of these DIY projects are you going to try? How do you keep your purse organized? Share in the comments!

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