Quiz: How Stylish Are You?

Being “stylish” might not be your top priority, but it’s probably still something you think about from time to time. Or maybe you don’t even really understand what it actually means. Let’s figure it out! Dictionary.com says “stylish” means being “fashionably smart or elegant.” Okay but… what does that mean? Let me break it down for you: there is no one way to to be stylish. It’s sort of a combination of things. First, it’s about dressing appropriately for the occasion (AKA not wearing pajamas to school or work). Second, it’s about wearing things that make you feel good – being stylish is about feeling confident in what you’re wearing, and you can’t feel confident if you don’t also feel comfortable. Some people also interpret being stylish as wearing things that are ~on trend~ but honestly, we like to think of it as something that changes definition for everyone.


I know, it sounds a little complicated, which is why we made this quiz to help you decide if you are a style guru, or a style newbie. It’s definitely not a bad thing to be a fashion beginner who doesn’t really know what she’s doing! You also don’t need to strive to be the person who is always wearing something cool and amazing. But knowing where you’re at can help you figure out your own personal sense of style that makes you feel confident AF. So, in order to figure that out, you need to start by taking this ~very serious~ quiz that will tell you how stylish you are. Remember: being stylish means something different to everyone, and at the end of the day, it’s about what makes you feel powerful. Get out there and crush it!

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