15 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts For Bae No One Else Will Think Of

For some people, Valentine’s Day is considered an overdone Hallmark holiday that involves cheesy traditions and silly gifts. For others, it can feel like a second Christmas, especially in terms of pressure to find the perfect gift for your bae. Valentine’s Day is an easy thing to make fun of, but listen: it’s totally okay to celebrate it and to enjoy celebrating it. So, if you’re celebrating and you’re in a relationship, you’ve probably been thinking about what to buy your bae. I’m sure a lot of cliche gifts come to mind – flowers, a box of chocolates, maybe some sexy lingerie. There’s nothing wrong with these things, of course, but there are tons of awesome and unique gift ideas out there that your S.O. will definitely love.

Let’s be honest, though – if it’s not a giant stuffed animal, roses, or truffles, you’re going to have to do some digging or very specific searching in order to get a unique find that doesn’t reek of cheesiness. Even if you want to do something sentimental and romantic, I think we can all agree that you want to get something special, very specifically for the person you’re with that feels very thoughtful and fun. So, uh… no pressure, right? Don’t be overwhelmed yet! There are great Valentines Day gifts to be found and luckily, we have 15 unique V-Day gifts your bae will love right here for you. So, click around, order up, and enjoy thinking about the look on their face when they open up the perfect gift (from you, obviously). Tis the season, you guys.

1) Forget chocolate covered strawberries, go for chocolate covered jalapeños.


Yes, you heard me right. Sweet, spicy, and perfect. Actually, I have no idea, I’ve never tried them, but you can’t deny that these look like they’d be yummy as hell. It’s a spin on a classic V-Day staple and one bae will love, especially if they like spicy food.

Buy them at Golden Edibles for $49.95 or make your own


2) Speaking of classic twists, send them chocolate with a custom (not so serious, but still true) message.


When everything Valentine’s Day feels like it needs to be a super intense, intimate declaration for love, keep it simple and cheeky. This Etsy shop comes with some customizable message options, but this one is my favorite.

Buy it on Etsy for $36.44


3) Keep their hands warm with these hipster af handmade mustache gloves.


It’s winter where most of you live, so everybody needs gloves. But, not everybody has these bad boys, do they?

Buy them on Etsy for $44.56


4) Instead of a gift basket, get a “Man Crate” for your dudely dude (or girlfriend!)


Oh, yeah. It’s like a gift basket, with stereotypical “manly” stuff (this one’s full of bacon treats) and packed in a wooden crate that you literally have to pry open with a crowbar (it comes with one, don’t worry). I think the adventure of actually having to use a crowbar is a gift in itself, but there’s tons of different options for what exactly goes in the crate.

Buy this one on Man Crates for $49.99


5) Get them the same cologne as Ron Burgundy. 


Who doesn’t love Will Ferrell movies? I know it’s really specific, but if bae can quote Anchorman backwards and forwards, they’d appreciate this cologne that may or may not contain real panther bits, but according to the reviews actually doesn’t smell like pure gasoline.

Buy it on Amazon for $37.95


6) For your nerdy significant other, this 8-bit heart-filling mug is PERFECT.

The heart fills when you put warm stuff in the mug! How cute is this?! Even if they aren’t a gamer, this is something romantic and simple you can get them without being overly sentimental.

Buy it from Think Geek for $9.99


7) For the gamer that already has everything, get them this vintage classic.


Opting for a classic instead of the newest thing out there is a twist that works for most gifts, and it goes a really long way when it comes to gaming systems. This SEGA Genesis console also comes with 80 different games, so it really does have everything bae could want.

Buy it on Amazon for $79.99


8) Get them the world’s most useful goop to play with/clean their technology. 


Everybody loves silly putty and everybody hates having grimy technology, so this is really a win/win. Inside there’s goopy green putty that you stick and peel off of your laptop, iPad, whatever the same way you’d play with Play Doh as a kid, only this time you’re SUPPOSED TO put it all over your expensive stuff. Yay!

Buy it on Amazon for $8.81


9) Organize all of your shared ticket stubs with this ready-made memory book.


Movies, concerts, sports games, whatever. If you’re sentimental like me, you’ve probably kept all of your ticket stubs from special events that you went to together. There’s so many ways to do this on the internet, but this one is perfect for Valentine’s Day. It comes with perfectly ticket stub shaped plastic sleeves and labels where you write what each ticket means to you guys. How cute, right?

Buy it on Amazon for $11.22


10) If you’re feeling thrifty, this DIY message in a bottle keychain is super cute.


Roll up a secret message about how much you love them, tuck it in a bottle, cork it, and give it to them on a keychain. Everybody needs a keychain or two and this one is a great way for them to carry around something meaningful from you without being too flashy about it.

Try the tutorial yourself on Shrimp Salad Circus


11) Even dudes who “don’t do jewelry” are going to love this survival bracelet.


The whole thing unfurls into a parachute cord and comes with a fire starter just in case bae has to jump out of a plane and survive in the wilderness for a week. Okay, we all know that’s probably not going to happen, but if they like to think of themselves as rugged survivor types, this is both simple and perfect for them.

Buy it on Amazon for $8.99


12) For the literalists and Game of Thrones super fans, make your significant other an anatomically correct bleeding heart.


Get a Jello heart mold, a couple of cartons, some food coloring, and get to work. The whole tutorial is framed as a recreation from the scene where Khaleesi eats that giant horse heart in season one of Game of Thrones, but seeing as this is Valentine’s Day, you can see how this fits the occasion perfectly, right?

Source and recipe via Jennifer Thurston


13) For your guitar playing bae, there’s this gift that keeps on giving.


It’s a pick punch. Turn anything (given “anything” means something hard, thin, and plastic) into a guitar pick with a pick punch. Student IDs, credit cards, hotel keys, whatever they want!

Buy it on Amazon for $22.95


14) You can officially win the Coolest Girlfriend Ever award by buying them a VR headset.


The newest thing in media, virtual reality experiences can be downloaded on smart phone apps, downloaded for free, and only truly experienced through one of these devices. They probably already have a smart phone, so grab them one of these and make all of their immersive 3D dream experiences come true.

Buy one on Urban Outfitters for $50


15) When #NetflixAndChill needs to be taken to a whole new level, you can get them a universal remote pillow for V-Day.


It’s a pillow and a programmable remote all in one. I thought it was just a decoration, but no, it’s a full on remote you can use and also snuggle with while you’re sitting on the couch with bae and watching a movie.

Buy one on Amazon for $26.25

Do you love Valentines Day or hate it? What are you getting bae? Let us know in the comments!

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