Doing This One Thing Will Actually Improve Your Relationship

I’m only in my twenties, but I already feel old fashioned AF for what I’m about to say! Okay, here it goes: “Talking” is trash, go on actual dates, y’all.

Before someone rips my head off and insists that they’re in an awesome relationship with a BF/GF/whoever right now and it all started out with playing text tag and hooking up, please don’t get it twisted; that’s all good! There’s nothing wrong with a relationship not starting off with a date; it isn’t 1950, it’s fine. I met my current BF via a dating app, so I’m the last one to be a traditionalist.

But I’ve gotta say, I think that going on actual dates is becoming a thing people are mostly doing after they graduate college instead of something they’re already starting to do in their teen years. I’m not pro-going-on-dates because it’s quaint or something. I’m pro-dating because it’s one of the best ways to actually get to know someone you’ve been crushing on and it’s a great way to make a relationship you’re already in a lot more fun. Anyway, here are seven reasons why you should start going on dates; thank me later.

Dates Are A Great Litmus Test To Someone's Commitment In You

If someone you're seeing isn't into the whole "going out on dates" thing, it doesn't hurt to wonder, uh, why? Is a date too much of a commitment for them? Is that person you're "talking" to only invested in you if it's in the realm of hooking up, but nothing more serious? If you're hoping for something serious, this can be a great litmus test for seeing what your future has in store...if anything. You really don't want to be involved with someone who thinks that wanting to go out on a date is asking for a lot or very unchill of you. Say buh bye, even if it hurts. You'll save yourself a lot of grief from this commitment-phobe in the long run.

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They Can Actually Be Really Fun, Even If You Don't Have Much Money

Dates are fun, and if you think that you have to afford going to some fancy restaurant to have a good time, you're buggin'. A great date can consist of hitting up a damn food truck and sitting in the park and eating together. A great date can be going to a relatively cheap gig together. A great date can consist of hitting up some record stores or checking out a museum. Dates can be as expensive or as cheap as you want them to be; how much fun you have ultimately depends on the company and your attitude.


You'll Have A Better Idea As To Whether You Want To Continue To Pursue Whatever You've Got Going On, Or Not

Your crush can be perfect via text, and maybe when you're hanging out in a group setting, they're charming AF, which is partly why you started crushing on them in the first place. But if your "relationship" mostly consists of texts and hooking up every now and then, consider going on a date. Some real one-on-one time can make you see a whole other side to someone that you thought you knew. That side could be awesome, and maybe you'll fall for them anymore. That side could also be trash, and you'll be thankful that that date setting helped you realize that maybe this guy/girl ain't worth it.


You Get Massive Maturity Points

These days, a date sort of comes across as something ultra "grown," even though there's no real reason for it. But still, there's some benefit to that in the sense that planning a date can be a measure of your maturity and the maturity of the person you're seeing. Maybe your parents will get off your back if you say you're going on a date with so and so at such and such place as opposed to vaguely mentioning hanging out with some friend (code for hookup session), and having their minds go who knows where.

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It's Fun To Get Dressed Up

I mean, it just is. Again, I'm not talking about a date where you're rocking an evening gown and pearls (although, if you do that, more power to you). It just feels nice to prepare yourself for a time out and about with your bae. It sort of just makes the whole occasion feel a little more special, and there's nothing silly about wanting to feel special every now and then.


Dates Can Make Intimacy More...Intimate

Dates are, frankly, a really pleasant way to spend time with someone that feels a little more special than getting a text that says "come over lol." There's something nice about planning a day or a night with someone: Where you're going to go, what you're going to eat, what you're going to do afterwards. It might not be intimate in a purely sexual way, but it's another way to be intimate, for sure. And hey, don't get it twisted: It can be a major turn on to hook up with someone after a day of having a lot of, er, wholesome fun together. Ending the night with a little less wholesome fun is kind of awesome.

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If Nothing Else, Going On Dates Now Is Good Practice For The Future

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Are you pro-dates or anti-dates? Have you ever been on one with your crush or current partner? Do you think that dates are just old fashioned? Tell us in the comments!

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