15 Embarrassing Things You Don’t Want To Admit You Relate To

Being a human person who lives in the world is something that, by its very nature, is pretty embarrassing. It involves body fluids. Weird, raised pustules that appear on your face with the onset of puberty and refuse to go away. Having a body, which, if you think about it, is basically just a meat sack filled with veins and blood and bones and brain matter. (Like haggis!)

So, logically, one might think that people, as a whole, would just collectively decide to own up to the objective mortification of human existence once and for all. We’re all embarrassed all the time–or, at least, most of the time–so what’s the big deal? But, alas, this is not the case–about, say, ninety percent of the human experience involves developing a (metaphorical) mask for all of the things you find to be shameful about yourself and doing everything you can to pretend that they don’t pertain to you. The other ten percent? Posting on the internet about all of the embarrassing things you in your own time, of course. So, check out these things that you don’t want to admit that you relate to, but, you know. You do:

1. Those little daydreams you only have every day. And night:



2. Your constant internal dialogue:


3. This typo that, whether, it’s intentional or accidental, is objectively embarrassing (but hilarious!!!)



4. Ahem. This…hobby:



5. The meeting of your past and present selves:


6. This feels personal? But…same?



7. EXTREMELY same:



8. This (reasonable) reaction to any small hardship you may come across:



9. Ahem. Same:


10. Perhaps you can relate?



11. You (and me), IRL, while making a good post on the ‘net:


12. Honestly? This is reasonable:



13. The fact that you did this on January 2nd in the year of our Lord 2017, too:


14. This perfect example of self care:



15. Hah. Same:


Do you relate to these posts a little more than you would like to? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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