7 Ways To Handle Getting Dumped For Being A Virgin

As much as we talk about losing your virginity, it’s important to also talk about how you don’t have to lose it any time soon. I know there is a lot of pressure to do it, especially if everyone else is doing it and you don’t want to be left out. The topic is a little tricky: if you want to have sex, you should! But how do you know if you actually want to have sex, or if you are just doing it to follow the crowd? Odds are, if you have to ask yourself this question, you’re not actually ready to have sex. That is totally okay! You are in control of your own body, and should never feel like anybody else can tell you what to do. With that being said…it can be hard to date if you want to stay a virgin. 

Recently, a user came to our boards looking for some advice on what to do after being dumped for being a virgin. User Fen said: “I’m 17. My last boyfriend dumped me for being controlling and not wanting to sleep with him, when all I did was request he respect my choice not to have sex. Now I’m single again! This certainly isn’t the first time I’ve been dumped over the sex thing, and honestly, I’m about to have sex with someone for no reason, just to say it’s gone. I need some advice and something to keep my hopes up.” First off, girl, I am SO happy you’re out of that relationship. Second, you should never feel ashamed for wanting to wait to have sex. I know it can be scary, but our girls are here to help. Here is what they said and some advice they gave about getting dumped for being a virgin.

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