18 Of The Most Awkward Sexts You’re Ever Going To See

If you have ever sexted–you know, the common mating ritual that usually involves sending a lover of some sort various texts and/or pictures of a sexually suggestive or explicit nature in order to strengthen their feelings for you–you probably already know that, more often than not, it tends to be pretty awkward. It’s supposed to be sexy and fun and everything, but usually, it just ends up being more trouble than it’s worth. It’s hard to anticipate what your partner wants to see. It’s hard trying to what you really mean without feeling awkward. And it is hard, most of all, to stay motivated.

In fact, there is an argument to be made that it is better not to sext at all. I say this is not for, like, moralistic, slut-shamey reasons, obviously–you are free to to with your texts and your body what you wish–but rather for the fact that screenshots can ruin lives. This is true in an academic and professional sense (you never know what might end up in your future professors’ and teachers’ inboxes), as well as more of a general internet risk. Anything could wind up on Twitter or Tumblr or Reddit!

But, if you want to laugh over some sexts that have been captured and put on the internet (consensually), check out these super-awkward sexts that might just make you want to quit sexting forever:

1. Welp!



2. Here is this…very technical example:



3. Truthfully? This is me as heck:



4. Same:



5. You can ONLY “like” this if you, too, are dating a potato:



6. In the event that you want to sext in the style of a bee, here is, uh, this:



7. When you love yourself so much that you don’t even need to sext:



8. Who doesn’t feel a fire in their loins for Rubeus Hagrid?



9. This is an excellent curving technique, if you’re in the market:



10. This too:



11. And this!



12. Good aim?



13. Ah, autocorrect:



14. Agreed!



15. The euphemism “dirty” works well until, well, it doesn’t. Clearly:



16. “Ok:”



17. Oh:



18. Ah, yes. Well, that’s that, guys!


What do you think of these sexts? Are there any that you’re sorta-kinda into? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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