11 Gross Things Guys Think About Sex

It didn’t take any of us long to figure out that guys are different than girls. Some of us might have figured it out before we were even able to talk or walk. One of the biggest differences between us ladies and dudes is their thinking, and nowhere is that more apparent than when it comes to sex.

Guys have some pretty interesting ideas on the subject. Some of them are totally random (like thinking you would like that), others are pretty hysterical, and some of are pretty gross. When it comes to the last one, we know that there is a fine line between kinky and gross and that it can be different for everyone. However, sometimes it seems like there is a different line between what’s hot and what’s gross for us versus the males. Take a look at 11 gross things that guys think about sex.

Hygiene Doesn't Really Matter

Dudes will care if you're not *clean* down there, but when they're horny, they really don't care what they have or haven't been doing with their hands and other parts beforehand. They've pretty much got only one thing on their minds and we know what that is.

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Cuddling Is Weird

A lot of guys are into various sexy time activities, but out of all of them, the one they seem to find the most offensive and/or weird is cuddling. Why? Who really knows.

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Foreplay Isn't Hot

Some dudes think foreplay is a waste of time while others think it's *girly.* Then there are those dudes who are into it being dry down there because it feels extra tight. Ick.

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You're Another Notch On The Belt

Ugh. Gross. Gross. Gross. First, who even uses that expression and who actually thinks of sex that way? It's not a game. We're talking about people, feeling, and pleasure. Just no.

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Loose Vaginas Aren't Pleasurable

In fairness, us girls have been known to talk about the size of a peen and how good or bad it feels, but guys who claim that girls are so loose down there that it's not pleasurable are BSers. Maybe they should look at themselves...

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Period Sex Is The Worst

Some dudes still haven't grasped that periods are a normal thing, just like erections. While there are some necessary things to do during period sex, most guys are cool with them if it means that they still get to engage in some sexy time fun. However, there are those dudes who go running at just the mention of blood down there.

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Pubic Hair Can Give Them A Peen Burn

You can blame porn or you can blame bae and his friend's ridiculous imaginations, but note that some dudes actually think that if you're rocking natural hair down there that it can somehow give them a pubic hair rug burn on their peens. No word on what they think their own pubic hair does.

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Golden Showers Are Super Hot

Golden showers, aka getting peed on, is one of those love-it-or-hate-it sexy time things, but it seems like more males think of it as hot, whereas most girls seem to think it's ridiculous or just gross.

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The Smell Down There Can Turn Them Off

Yeah, some D-bags are still trying to pull this one. They're also the same ones who go running at the words *pad* or *tampon.* If you know someone like this, move on, now.

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Doing It With Someone Who Has Body Hair Is Gross

The real gross thing about this is the thought. We all know that body hair is natural and it's something that bae probably has, too. Chances are he doesn't reassemble a hairless cat therefore he shouldn't be commenting that other people should be.

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Coming On Your Chest Is Hot

Some dudes just aren't content with spilling their load in a condom. Some seem to think that the idea of doing it on your chest is waaaaay hotter. And some even think the same about doing it to your face. No word on whether they would find the sticky clean up hot.

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Which one do you think is the grossest? Let us know in the comments!

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