Is There A Sex Position That Makes You Less Likely To Get Pregnant?

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Is there a sex position out there that can help prevent pregnancy if you do it without a condom? Like a position that makes you less likely to get pregnant if you’re not using protection? My boyfriend can’t always control himself while we’re having sex and he doesn’t like condoms. What should I do? I don’t want to get pregnant.


Okay, uh, there are a few things we definitely need to discuss. First, though, to get it out of the way, I’ll answer your initial question: is there a sex position you can try that will make it less likely for you to get pregnant? Nope. There is not. You might have heard rumors that doing girl on top sex will limit the chances of pregnancy, since the ejaculate would, essentially, drip out faster. You might have also heard that there are positions that make it more likely to pregnant. Let’s talk about that!

Trying out girl on top positions might be fun, but it’s definitely not going to lower your chances of getting pregnant. There is always a chance of getting pregnant if a guy is ejaculating inside of you with no protection, no matter what position you’re in. But, yes, some doctors do believe that there are positions out there that make it more likely to get pregnant because they make it easier for sperm to get to the egg. Following that logic, it seems like the reverse would be true too, but it isn’t. Let me repeat: if you aren’t using protection and your partner is coming inside of you, you have a high chance of getting pregnant no matter what. Please don’t rely on urban myths about different positions as your form of birth control.

Now, moving on to something you didn’t ask, but I’m going to talk about anyway – the fact that you’re boyfriend “can’t control himself” and also doesn’t like condoms. Um. This is not good. It’s not smart to have unprotected sex, even if it’s with your boyfriend. Has he been tested? Have you been tested? Have either of you had other partners before? Because STDs and other infections are still on the table here without a condom. On top of that, you’re REALLY making it easy for yourself to pregnant, and you don’t want that, so something needs to change. 

If the two of you really, really don’t want to wear condoms (although, honestly, I’m begging you to use them), you at least have to use a different form of birth control. Consider going on the Pill or getting an IUD – go to your gynecologist to talk about those options. Even if you do use condoms, you might want to consider an alternate form of birth control. Having two forms of birth control is an effective way of avoiding an unwanted pregnancy.

Your BF might be attempting to use the pull-out method, but as you can clearly see, that method sucks. It’s not foolproof and it’s not easy. And even if he “manages to control himself,” there is still pre-ejaculate to consider, something that can still cause a pregnancy. It sounds like you guys need to have a serious discussion about safe sex, and something has to change ASAP. Please consider using condoms and trying for an alternate form of birth control. Protect yourself! You won’t regret it.

Good luck!

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