15 Rare Pictures That Will Change The Way You Watch Harry Potter

I don’t think I need to tell you about the cultural significance of the Harry Potter series, because odds are good that you, too, are a huge HP fan. It shaped our generation and gave us ~magic~ to believe in, even when things were tough AF (it still does that, even though new books aren’t being written). I will forever love HP and everything that the books and movies stand for. BUT, that doesn’t mean that they are perfect in every way, and sometimes it can be hard to learn that the movies aren’t as magical as they seem. 

I recently came across some funny/sad/weird pictures from the Harry Potter movie sets, which inspired me to dig a little deeper and find even more of them. And, honestly, some of them are wild. Yes, I know that “movie magic” is just a mix of CGI and good editing, but that doesn’t make it any easier to view behind the scene pics of my favorite movie and NOT be a little disappointed to learn that Dobby was just a creepy-looking mannequin. REGARDLESS, I found some pictures that I had never seen before from the Harry Potter set, and I thought you guys would really appreciate them. So, check out these images that will make you see Harry Potter in a whole new light…whether you want to or not.

1. The image that started it all…when we learned that the books didn’t ACTUALLY float. WTF?

gallery-1484750046-g5ne5xl Source


2. This pic that proves that Voldemort and Dumbledore were actually BFFs, which is actually kind of cute.

15-behind-the-scenes-photos-that-prove-the-cast-of-harry-potter-had-as-much-fun-making-the-franchise-as-we-did-watching-it Source


3. Okay, but what do you MEAN Dumbledore’s beard wasn’t real..?? Look how funny it looks when they cover it. I can’t stop laughing. 



4. THIS IS UPSETTING. How can they all be laughing with Dobby’s corpse? 



5. Did they film anything outside? I’m pretty bummed none of these places exist. 



6. Okay, this is great.



7.  This is not something I ever wanted to see…but here it is. 



8. And they DIDN’T film these scenes in a real lake…?




9. Uhh, this is what Voldemort was going to look like, apparently. Or it’s their stunt doubles. Still weird. 


10. And these are all of Hermione’s stunt doubles….but it just sort of gives me a headache to look at:


11. Again, I’m seriously bummed that this house doesn’t exist IRL.


12. Also this pic that shows that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was nicknamed “Tip Top” which makes me LOL.


13. Obviously, I can’t neglect the prequel, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, so here is a glimpse at what the cute little Niffler before all of the CGI. Warning: he’s not so cute.


14. And his CREEPY AF goblin before CGI makes me want to cry?


15. Although, this pic DOES give me hope that ever-expanding briefcases do exist out there, somewhere.


Which one of these photos surprised you the most? Tell us in the comments!

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