16 Things That Perfectly Explain How You Actually Feel About Guys

If you are a girl and you have been feeling a little, uh, angrier as of late, don’t worry–you’re not the only one. I am going to go out on a 3.7 million-person limb here and wager that many people who identify as women have been feeling moderately-to-severely hostile to men as a whole in the months following the United States presidential election. I would not say that this is a conscious decision, necessarily, but, instead, more of a gut, kneejerk one–I did not choose to live in a nation that elected a man with fascist tendencies as its president, but here we are.

Similarly, I did not choose to have all of these guy-specific memes on the internet that seem to describe every thought I’ve ever had about guys exactly, and yet, again, here we are. You don’t have to agree with me, obviously (and feel free to tell me exactly how wrong I am about everything in the comments below!), but a large quantity of things I’ve seen on the internet recently tell me that, somehow, you just might. So, check out these things that perfectly explain how you (might) actually feel about guys:

1. Basically:


2. Makes you think:



3. *Smiles widely*


4. YEP:



5. This one…hurts:

hi @ololyga I love u

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6. This one does too, unfortunately:


7. Same:


8. EXTREMELY same:



9. UghHHHHH:



10. Stay woke:



11. And always remember to draw attention to yourself…for the right reasons:


12. Heh:


13. Goals:


14. Tag yourself, I’m the aunts:



15. Whenever any man says literally anything to you:



16. The motto:

Do you ~~totally relate~~ to these posts? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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