8 Things You Did As A Kid That Affect Who You Are Now

In case you haven’t realized, you are growing up and it’s probably a little scary. Growing up is really cool: you get to experience all sorts of things (Love! Relationships! Heartbreak! Failing your first math test and crying in the bathroom!) and it’s all a huge of this fun thing we call “life.” But, with all of those important experiences, there are also some you might not realize can shape who you are later in life. Sometimes it feels like you experience things, you accept them, and then you move on. The past is in the past! It’s not always like that. More often than not, what you do when you’re growing up can affect you when you grow up, and you don’t even realize how.

From a scientific standpoint (stay with me here), your formative years of your life are from when you’re born to when you turn eight. That means your brain development is super important when you’re a little kid, and can actually have a major impact on what you’re like when you’re a teenager and young adult. But…how? I know it’s scary to think about your eight-year-old self can be making decisions that affect your life now, especially when you’re biggest issue at eight years old was probably deciding what snack to eat when you got home from school (goldfish, duh). Believe it or not, your life back then really does make an impact on your life RN. Want to know how? Take a look at these things you did as a kid that totally affect who you are now. You might be surprised!

Did you do any of these things when you were a kid? Tell us in the comments!

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  • When I was 8 years old, I was an annoying little girl obsessed with chain chomps…………………. This didn’t affect my teen life, other than make it better where I’m now more mature than half the other kids in my school!