8 Things You Did As A Kid That Affect Who You Are Now

In case you haven’t realized, you are growing up and it’s probably a little scary. Growing up is really cool: you get to experience all sorts of things (Love! Relationships! Heartbreak! Failing your first math test and crying in the bathroom!) and it’s all a huge of this fun thing we call “life.” But, with all of those important experiences, there are also some you might not realize can shape who you are later in life. Sometimes it feels like you experience things, you accept them, and then you move on. The past is in the past! It’s not always like that. More often than not, what you do when you’re growing up can affect you when you grow up, and you don’t even realize how.

From a scientific standpoint (stay with me here), your formative years of your life are from when you’re born to when you turn eight. That means your brain development is super important when you’re a little kid, and can actually have a major impact on what you’re like when you’re a teenager and young adult. But…how? I know it’s scary to think about your eight-year-old self can be making decisions that affect your life now, especially when you’re biggest issue at eight years old was probably deciding what snack to eat when you got home from school (goldfish, duh). Believe it or not, your life back then really does make an impact on your life RN. Want to know how? Take a look at these things you did as a kid that totally affect who you are now. You might be surprised!

Playing With Dolls Can Make You Racist

This is sad, but it's actually proven that kids who play with dolls are more likely to give into racial stereotypes. It's most likely because of how uncommon POC dolls are. In addition to giving into these racist stereotypes, young girls playing with skinny Barbie dolls might feel more pressured to lose weight and could even develop eating disorders.

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Trying To Be Cool Can Make It Harder To Make Friends Later In Life

Unfortunately, there is evidence that proves that trying to be a "cool kid" and fit in with the "popular crowd" when you're younger can actually make it harder for you to make friends later in life. This can affect your romantic relationships much later in life, too. SO if you're still trying to fit in, just know that there is no need, since you're cool anyway and don't need anyone else to tell you that.

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Watching Violent TV Can Lead To Being Aggressive

I KNOW I sound like a parent here, but according to a 15-year study, kids who would watch violent TV shows and movies were more likely to be overly aggressive and even dangerous when they became teens and young adults, because it normalizes violence.

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Fighting With Your Parents Can Make You An Anxious Girlfriend

Whether or not you realize it, our first "loving relationship" is with our parents. If you and your parents are fighting or they are often scolding you, odds are you will grow up to be anxious in relationships. On the other hand, if you and your parents have a healthy relationships, you and your future bae will have a better chance of having a secure relationship.

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Watching Princess Movies Can Ruin Your Dating Life

I know we all used to watch princess movies when we were little. As much as we all wanted to be Cinderella or Ariel, we probably didn't realize how these women were not great role models. If little girls idolize Ariel for giving up her voice for a boy or Belle for falling in love with her kidnapper, they might find these actions as acceptable, and might even fall into manipulative relationships when they grow up. We know now how emotionally manipulative relationships can be, but we don't realize that when we are little girls just trying to enjoy a princess movie, and those ideas can stick with us.

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Using Social Media Can Lead To Low Self-Esteem

Social media is a little tricky because of how new it is. When I was growing up, social media has just begun to be a ~thing~. I remember making fake Myspace pages since I wasn't technically old enough to have one. That turned out to be a pretty big mistake. The younger kids use social media, the more likely they are to grow up with anxiety and low self esteem. It really does make sense: scrolling through Instagram and Facebook can make someone's self confidence drastically go down, since they might feel compelled to compare themselves to their peers.

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Bullying Others Can Lead To Getting In Trouble With The Law Later On

I know a lot of kids bully when they are young. I'm not sure why, but it happens. Maybe because they are insecure or afraid, but kids bully a lot when they are in elementary and even middle school. Obviously, this bullying can affect so many aspects of your life when you grow up. In fact, kids who were bullying others in middle school are more 60 percent more likely to have a criminal conviction by the time they are 24 years old. That's a lot of former bullies getting in trouble with the law, TBH. If you used to be a bully, you might need to find out the root of your problem before it gets out of hand!

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Getting Bullied Can Lead To Depression

On the other hand, many kids are bullied as kids and it's not surprising to learn that that can stay with a person well into their teen years. It can cause a slew of psychological affects like anxiety and depression. It can also cause the bullied to become the bullies, which will just cause more problems for everybody involved.

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Did you do any of these things when you were a kid? Tell us in the comments!

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  • When I was 8 years old, I was an annoying little girl obsessed with chain chomps…………………. This didn’t affect my teen life, other than make it better where I’m now more mature than half the other kids in my school!