26 Tumblr Posts You’ll Love If You Always Need Attention

As humans, we love to make fun of people who clearly seek and need attention all the time. We call them desperate, pathetic, clingy, needy, and annoying, among other things. We actively go out of our way to make it seem like we don’t care about attention, like we’re totally fine without it because we’re so chill and casual. Okay…. but actually, everyone seeks attention, whether they admit it or not. Some people are just better at hiding it than others, but make no mistake: we all like attention, and we all need it (to varying degrees).

These days, though, it’s becoming more common to admit that we want attention, and I think Tumblr culture is making it that way. Memes about wanting to be the center of everyone’s lives are becoming more popular, and people are saying “lol same” instead of “omg ew.” Because, honestly, there is nothing wrong with wanting attention – it’s a basic human need – as long as you’re not basing all of your happiness on it. And hey, why not just admit it instead of pretending to be cool? I’ll admit it: I like when my boyfriend, family, and friends pay a lot of attention to me. I once posted a meme about “needing all of the attention” on Instagram, and it’s still one of my favorites. I don’t care!

Anyway, if you feel the same way, it’s time to just admit and move on. And laugh about it, of course. So, let’s start doing that by checking out these hilarious Tumblr posts that you’ll love if you always need attention. No shame!

1. How you feel most of the time:



2. Also this is how you feel:



3. Because you know this would make life a lot easier:



4. When you try to act like you’re fine but deep down you’re not:



5. How you feel when you get attention:



6. You at the store:



7. True:



8. This is pretty accurate:



9. When you know you get too clingy towards those who show you attention:



10. Your favorite Disney character is:



11. When you’re trying to be understanding but it’s so hard:



12. When you start doing whatever you can:



13. When you just figure you’ll be honest:



14. You when someone doesn’t answer you right away:



15. When you’re looking for attention but you don’t get it from the right person:



16. Literally me (and you, probably):



17. When you’re your own worst enemy:



18. You talking to God:



19. It’s the little things:



20. When you’re just being real:



21. When people don’t go out of their way for you:



22. Even if it’s fake it’s fine:



23. Honestly:



24. You cutting off those who don’t make you a priority:



25. Some people just don’t get it:



26. Your favorite thing:


Which one of these Tumblr posts is your favorite? What did we forget to add? Share in the comments!

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