24 Chic Ways To Organize Your Desk And Make It Look Good

The purpose of a desk is to keep you organized and neat – so why is it that desks so often become an endless pit of random crap? We end up using our desk chairs to pile dirty or clean clothes (or maybe both), the surfaces usually get cluttered with pens and notebooks and books, and the drawers are typically a giant mess filled with little things that have no other home. I mean, I’m sure there are people in this world who have effortlessly perfect desks, but for most of us, achieving #DeskGoals is pretty difficult. If you really want to do it, though, you can – in a way that looks aesthetically pleasing, too. There are lots of easy and chic ways to organize your desk while also making it look good, which makes your room look good too.

Having an organized desk is so, so great, so these are tips you’re actually going to want to follow. You can use it for your makeup and beauty products, almost as a vanity, if you want to. Or you can keep it traditional, and use it for your laptop and homework and studying. Or you can do both! It’s totally up to you. Whatever you do, though, there are ways to make it look good and to keep things neat and clean. Check out these chic tips on how to make your desk look organized. Most are easy enough to try right away!

1. Go for a color theme. 



Pick a color theme you like and stick to it for a chic, put-together look. This desk uses gold, white, and pink as the major themes, with pops of other colors thrown in there. Sticking to two or three major colors makes the area look more organized and nice even if there’s some clutter.


2. Opt for clear containers and drawers. 



Want to show off your prettier items? Get some clear containers or drawers so that things stay neat but still visible. Leaving everything on a surface, like a desk or shelf, is going to look cluttered, but keeping them stashed away neatly looks better and keeps your stuff all in one place. You can buy clear items like this in stores like Target, Ikea, Home Goods, or even Amazon.


3. Use a separate cart for extra storage. 



If your desk is small and/or you have no shelves, you can always add cart like this for extra storage and put it right next to your desk. Something open like this keeps your items highly visible and organized at the same time.


4. Use drawer organizers to keep everything neat. 



Drawers can quickly become a huge mess without organizers, especially when they’re filled with small things like pens. You can buy little bins from stores like Target or sites like Amazon, or you can get silverware organizers from places like Bed Bath & Beyond.


5. Recycle old items to use as storage spaces.



This is a quick DIY project that will help make over your desk. Use Washi tape, old wall paper, or really anything you’d like to cover old tin cans or mason jars. They can be used to hold pens, accessories like scissors, makeup brushes, or markers, and they’ll look great too.


6. Make a gallery wall over your desk. 



A gallery wall is a great way to show off your personality and make everything look awesome. Keep yours on the more organized side by mixing things like wall calendars with inspirational quotes and photos that motivate you.


7. Make your own drawer organizers. 



Remember how we just talked about drawer organizers? Well, if you don’t want to buy anything, you can make your own with a pretty simple tutorial. This gives you more flexibility to get exactly what you need.


8. Hang decorated clipboards over your desk. 



Use clipboards to keep your desk organized and neat. Using glue, you can add things like Post-It note holders, tiny bins for tiny items, or cardboard pockets for desk accessories. Hang them over your desk so that everything you need is in reach, without cluttering your desk top.


9. Flank your desk with tall shelving units for even more storage. 



If you have a lot of stuff to store, consider flanking your desk with two shelving units. They’re good for decorative purposes as well as organizational ones.


10. Add some hanging plants. 



Okay, so a plant isn’t going to keep you more organized, but it does look good! Plants are a great way to add some color, and they just brighten up any area.


11. Use old boxes to make more storage.



Turn old shoe boxes or any other kind of wooden/cardboard box into extra storage space with a little DIY magic. Label them so you always know where things are, then put them on display.


12. Get a dry erase board. 



Hang a dry erase board over your desk to keep important memos and notes on your mind. They’re easy to decorate and clean, and they have a nice, streamlined look.


13. Use shelves to keep your actual desk clear.



If you want your desk area to have a more minimalist look to it, add some shelves above it. You can put most of your items on the shelves so that the desk top is clear for work.


14. Make a pin board. 



A big pin board is ideal for hanging papers you can’t forget about, like bills or certain homework assignments – along with little pieces of decor, like photos. Buy one or make your own!


15. Or get a giant bulletin board.



Of course, giant bulletin boards are another great way to hang important things. I love how this girl totally covered hers in papers and cute photos and quotes.


16. Make a cord holder to keep everything in place.



Few things look more messy than a tangle of cords from various laptops, printers, speakers, etc. Use a cheap bin to make a cord organizer so that you can avoid that.


17. Small desk area? Make a corner organizer. 



If you don’t have a lot of space to play with, an organizer for the corner is a great idea. Use it to hold important papers or books.


18. Hang photos to make your desk more fun. 



Hang a photo string above your desk to give it a more fun vibe so it’s not all about work.


19. Hang a giant calendar. 



A calendar is obviously a great way to stay organized – even more so when it’s huge, big enough to write down all of your appointments clearly. And it looks good too!


20. Opt for a giant peg board instead of shelves. 



Not into shelving? A giant peg board like this one is a great way to hang important papers, clip little bins for more storage, and more.


21. Use other household items as storage space.



Give your desk a fun and quirky vibe by using random items – like mugs and jars – for storage for desk accessories.


22. Get a pretty tray. 



A tray like this one is great for small items, and it looks super chic.


23. Make little bowls to hold items. 



Another great way to hold small items in a neat way is to use small bowls. Instead of buying them, try making your own, like these insanely cool geometric ones.


24. Hang string lights.



String lights are magical – they instantly make any space more cozy and cute.

Which one of these are you going to try? How do you keep your desk organized? Tell us in the comments!

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