16 Genius DIY Ways To Sleep Better Every Night

It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t have trouble sleeping – despite the fact that the one thing we can probably all agree with is that sleeping is the best. Even after a full day of feeling totally exhausted and drained, something weird happens at night when we’re laying in bed. We’re suddenly bombarded with random thoughts that won’t go away, annoying anxieties we can’t ignore, and the immediate urge to get a task done that should probably be worked on at literally any other time. By the time we do fall asleep, we’re either so exhausted that we can barely wake up in the morning, or we’re restless and wake up several times throughout the night. Either way – it sucks, and we’d all like to know how to get a better sleep. 

There are lots and lots of tips out there on how to sleep like a baby, so many that it can start to feel overwhelming. There are also lots of different items you can buy, and unfortunately, a lot of them can be expensive. Why not save some money and do something relaxing that will help you get some serious rest? DIY projects, especially the simple below options, can be calming and a great stress reliever, which is key for a good night’s sleep. Check out these genius DIY ways to sleep better every night, not just once in a while.

1. Make A Sleep Eye Mask



Any source of light can interrupt your sleep, even if you don’t realize it. If you’re like me – I hate sleeping in total darkness and need a light on – you probably leave something on. An eye mask blocks it out, and if you start to feel anxious, you can take it off and a light will still be on. Make your own cute one instead of buying one!


2. Make Cloud Lights



Part of getting a good night’s sleep is feeling relaxed. Soothing, low lights can help achieve that feeling. And if you’re the kind of person who wishes they could fall asleep under the stars, try these DIY cloud lights. They’re cool to look at and very soothing. Make sure to add an eye mask to block out light once you’re sleeping!


3. Make A Himalayan Salt Lamp



Himalayan salt lamps are super popular right now. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they also clear the air of negative energy, they improve your mood, they encourage relaxation and help you sleep, and balance the body. They can be pricey and/or dangerous, so try making your own safer version for your bedroom.


4. DIY A Lavender Linen Spray



Lavender is known for its ability to relax and soothe people, which is why it’s such a popular scent to help people sleep better. Make a lavender linen spray and mist your pillows and blankets with it right before bed for a relaxing atmosphere.


5. Try Doing Yoga



Bedtime yoga poses are easy, even for those of you who have never done yoga before. These poses are meant to make you feel relaxed and stress free. The breathing techniques and poses are a great way to get your mind and body ready for bed.


6. Try Different Diffuser Blends



If you have a fragrance diffuser, use it to your advantage. Certain blends of scents and herbs will leave you feeling more relaxed and make it easier to fall into a deep sleep.


7. Make A Bath Soak



Part of sleeping better is having a relaxing nighttime routine. Make these soothing bath salts and take a nice long bath before bed whenever you can.


8. DIY A Canopy



Creating a relaxing atmosphere is so important. A canopy makes you feel safe and enclosed and is just really soothing.


9. Make A Cozy Fleece Blanket



You need to be comfortable in order to sleep well, obviously, and so a cozy blanket comes in handy. Make your own fleece throw with a pom-pom trim because it’s comfy and cute.


10. Make and Use Face Mists



A linen spray is great for your bed, but you should also make something you can spray on your face. Not only is it hydrating, but it can also calm you down and relax you.


11. Make Little Herb pillows



Another way to use herbs to relax that doesn’t involve spraying them is to make a little herb pillow. Put it near your bed or next to your pillow to have stress-free sleep.


12. Make Your Own Relaxing Tea Mix



Drinking herbal tea before bed is a great way to relax and get in the right mindset. Get in the most calm mood possible with this mix that’s easy to put together.


13. DIY A Big Sleep Mask



If you feel like you REALLY want to cover up so you don’t see anything, make this oversized sleep mask.


14. Get Some Plants



Certain plants clear the air and leave a space more calming. The above options are good for bedrooms since they don’t require a ton of light, and they’re pretty low-maintenance.


15. Make Some Sleep Cream



These are similar to the face mists, but it’s a hydrating cream instead. It’s a good way to moisturize overnight while also calming yourself down and getting ready for sleep.


16. Do A No-Sew Sleep Mask



If you want to make a sleep mask but you can’t sew, no worries – the tutorial linked above makes it easy!

Which one of these tips are you going to try? What did we forget to add? How do you fall asleep at night? Share in the comments!

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    Thanks for sharing my fleece blanket tutorial! Also you have so many good ideas rounded up here – I need to try some of them!

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