7 Things That Will Make You More Sexy, According To Science

If you are a girl, there is a pretty high chance that, at one point another, you have been told or made to feel that the only reason you are on this earth is to appeal to the men around you. I don’t have any idea what could be making you feel this way (none whatsoever!) and I don’t want to get all, like, Women’s and Gender Studies 101 on you here. But this is more or less due to the fact that boys’ desires tend to be placed above girls’ comfort and autonomy, which basically, boils down to the idea that girls are always performing for men, and, as a girl your sex appeal is your sole reason for existence.

Obviously, this isn’t true. Being sexy isn’t the only thing you care about, and it definitely isn’t the only thing you’re good for. But chances are good that, on one occasion or another, you have wondered what might make you more attractive to other people, or even why you find certain things attractive in other people. Knowing these things is useful, in some sense–if nothing else, you can use the facts to win a trivia night, or, in a more high-stakes situation, bust yourself out of a complicated situation using the art of seduction–and it’s definitely okay to think about! Wanting to feel sexy doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re totally surrendering to the male gaze, or anything–it just means that you want to feel sexy. So, check out these weird things that are sure to make you at least a little bit sexier. If that is what you are into, of course:


If you have an interest in anything from memes to sketch comedy to satirical, comical essays, you're in luck. apparently, humor is universally attractive to both men and women. There is a catch, however, and it's, uh, not surprising, exactly, so much as it is disappointing--girls like guys who are funny, while guys tend to like girls that laugh at their jokes. Definitely don't let this hold you back from pursuing your comedy dreams, though--having an overall sense of humor and an ability to crack a joke here and there can only be a good thing.

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High Heels

In other non-surprising, potentially annoying news: Guys like girls who wear high heels. There are a few reasons for this--the media generally tends to correlate sexiness with heel height and heels make your legs look longer. This, obviously, doesn't mean that you should totter around in stilettos wherever you go, but it might be nice to know why your friend who wears heels all the time always seems to get hit on.

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Long Arms

On the flipside of the longer-legs-equal-more-attractiveness scale, according to a study done in Australia in 2010, both men and women ranked people with longer arms as being more attractive. This isn't something you can control, obviously, and I definitely wouldn't worry about actually doing anything about this, but it's interesting to know. (Plus, if you see some savvy entrepreneur start selling, like, "arm extenders" a few years down the road, now you'll know why.)

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'Natural' Makeup

Apparently, most men say that they want to date "natural"-looking women. This, however, is the kind of statistic that makes me want to roll my eyes so far back into my head that they fall down my throat and into my stomach, because there's a catch--guys are also more likely to want to meet a woman who's wearing lipstick in her picture, which means is that they like girls who wear natural looking makeup, AKA like those "no makeup" makeup tutorials you've seen around the web. Which are kinda BS, IMO. The solution? Ignore what guys think. It's better that way.

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A Higher-Pitched Voice

According to a number of studies, women tend to prefer people with lower voices, while men tend to be more attracted to people with high, breathy inflections. Definitely do not make this an excuse to break out your baby voice whenever you're around your crush (baby talk does not make for great flirting) but it could explain why your voice gets a little higher without actually trying whenever you're around someone you like. So, don't try to force it, but don't freak out if you you get a little breathier when you're flirting--chances are good that it's working.

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Wearing Red

Want to make an instant impact? Put on your favorite red dress. (Or shirt. Or pair of pants. Or onesie. You get the idea.) A few studies have shown that women are instantly considered more attractive when they wear red, since it's such an eye-grabbing color. And, as a bonus, this will probably make you feel more attractive in general, whether or not you get the attention you want, since wearing such a bold color will, in turn, make you feel bold.

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Making Eye Contact

Here's something that most people should be able to do: Make some eye contact. And, as a bonus, smile a little. According to research done at Webster University in 2014, this relatively simple combination is the most effective form of flirtation that there is, since people basically just want to know that they are wanted. Of course, if you're a little shy or have social anxiety, this is easier said than done, and you shouldn't beat yourself up if you aren't able to make eye contact with your crush whenever you're around them. But it might make it easier to do this if you know that, statistically, it'll probably work.

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Were you surprised by any of these things? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

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