9 TV Shows And Movies You Absolutely Need To Stream Next Month

My favorite part about the end of January, besides the fact that we are getting closer and closer to spring, is when sites like Netflix and Amazon release what they will begin streaming over the next month. This way, I can appropriately plan out my TV binge days, according to what will be premiering. It’s always good to know what shows and movies will be easily accessible, especially in the winter when all you want to do is lay in bed with hot coco and Netflix. I mean, we all do this, right? We all spend our winter weekends huddled under blankets with nothing but the light of our computer screens to keep us company? Or spend our snow days binging the best new TV shows? That isn’t about to change, either, because there are some pretty awesome shows and movies coming to streaming sites in February that you should totally check out.

It can be tricky to decide what you actually want to watch, considering that sites like Netflix and Amazon add over 50 titles every month. You don’t want to waste your time on something bad, but you don’t want to miss out on an awesome new TV show that isn’t being talked about by enough people. I get it, so I’m going to bring you all the best TV shows and movies  that you need to check out. So if you’re looking for something new to binge when you and your BFFs are celebrating Galentine’s Day, check out these TV shows and movies that are streaming in February. 

From This Day Forward

I haven't seen this documentary, but the concept is super important, especially right now. A filmmaker tells the story of when her dad came out as transgender, and documents what the process was like and how it affected their entire family. You can watch the emotional trailer here, and catch this movie on Netflix starting February 1st.

Santa Clarita Diet, Season One

I'm sure I wasn't the only one who thought that Drew Barrymore was actually a spokesperson for a new diet fad after seeing these ads everywhere, but I was relieved to learn that they were actually for a new TV show, and it looks kind of hilarious. It stars Drew Barrymore as a realtor who somehow becomes "undead" and has to survive off of human flesh, so her and her family end up killing people who "deserve it." I'm not really sure what that means, but you can check out the trailer here, and watch the show when it premieres on February 3rd on Netflix.


I don't think anyone actually had a high school experience as crazy as the characters in this movie did. It stars Jonah Hill and Michael Cera as two high school geeks trying to make their senior year the ~best ever~ before they leave for college. Which means impressing a bunch of girls, obviously, one of whom is played by recent academy award-nominated actress Emma Stone. You can stream it on Netflix on February 4th.


OKAY, I know that Twilight is problematic since it's an abusive narrative, but, let's be real, we were all obsessed with this series at one point in our lives. The vampire/human love story is super overplayed at this point, but when the movie came out in 2008, it was ICONIC. Did you ever own a Team Edward or Team Jacob shirt from Hot Topic? You're not alone. You can stream Twilight on Netflix starting February 1st.

Up For Adoption

This show technically premieres January 31st, but they have new episodes streaming every Tuesday and Thursday and they are HILARIOUS, so I had to share it with you. It's basically like Parks and Rec but it takes place in an animal shelter, so you get laughs and you get to look at adorable animals. I watched the first episode and I'm instantly hooked. You can watch Up For Adoption on go90 every Tuesday and Thursday, starting January 31st.

Teen Wolf

My heart was BROKEN when Teen Wolf was taken off of Netflix, but it's finally back up on Amazon Prime, beginning on February 1st. The show follows teens (but let's be real, they're all played by 20-year-olds) as they investigate all of the spooky things happening in their town. And, uh, some of them are werewolves. So it's pretty dramatic, if you're into that. Watch them all before the series ends this spring!

Finding Dory

Can it be that Netflix is finally starting to understand that we want to watch Pixar movies, like, all the time? With the recent Netflix-Disney deal, you should expect a ton of your favorite animated classics to head to the streaming service, including Pixar movies. If you're not familiar with the cute AF story of a fish with short-term memory loss, you can watch starting on February 1st.

Girl Meets World, Season Three

If you're still reeling from the emotional series finale, you're not alone. Luckily, the third season of the Disney Channel fave will begin streaming on Netflix beginning on February 19th. You can follow BFFs Riley and Maya as they navigate high school and their teen years, all while looking fashionable AF. This show addressed some important issues like bullying, and Rowan Blanchard has even expressed interest in addressing sexuality on the show. Although there won't be any more seasons of GMW, it's still an important show to get acquainted with. Who knows, there might even be a Netflix revival at some point?!

10 Cloverfield Lane

This movie was actually amazing. It is super mysterious and you don't really know what's going on until the last minute, but it's perfect if you love movies that keep you on the edge of your seat. It supposedly takes place in the same universe as the sci-fi movie Cloverfield. I won't give much away, but it follows a girl who is kidnapped by a man who says he's "saving" her from something outside. It's truly spooky. You can stream it on February 24th on Amazon Prime.

Which show or movie are you going to stream in February? Tell us in the comments!

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  • I love Girl Meets World… It seems like it just started, which is why I was in shock it ended! I remember just last year or two, when it premiered, I couldn’t wait for it to air, now I’m just hoping it won’t end, as it’s such a good show! I watched every episode that aired!