18 Memes That Perfectly Describe You When You’re In School

Attending any kind of school is a privilege, technically. But, if you are actually in school–anywhere from middle school to high school to college to grad school– you probably already know that being in school can also feel like a pretty big burden. There’s pressure to get good grades. Pressure to join every extracurricular you can. Pressure to socialize with everyone at school (horrifying, really) for the sole purpose of…what? Doing well in this phase of school so you can achieve success, which is just moving on to the next phase of school? It’s not that school itself is bad, obviously–knowledge is cool, and degrees are pretty necessary to get any kind of job in the future–but all of the trappings that come with it are enough to inspire one to make a lot of angry memes about the whole thing.

And, for the record, a lot of people have. There are so many memes about school that are of such great quality that, with any luck, there will one day be a whole schooling system dedicated exclusively to meme studies and research–but, for now, that has yet to come to fruition. (Or, at the very least, is probably limited to some exclusive liberal arts colleges in the northeast.) Instead, you just have to settle for making memes that express your displeasure over the injustices you face every day in the modern schooling system. So, check out these memes that (probably) perfectly describe you when you’re in school:

1. When you’re just trying to do your best in science class:



2. Preparing hard for the many days ahead:

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3. When you want to study, but…something…is in the way:



4. It’s just so hard!



5. When your teacher emails a progress report home to your parents:



6. This is…rude:

Biggest School Deal of the Year


7. Such a conflict of emotions!

This is perfect… #schoolmemes #schoolsucks #soso #atleastitsover #fuckit

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8. Honestly? Same:



9. How can just one day in school be so profoundly demoralizing?

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10. Well, yeah:



11. There are two types of schools. First, there’s this one:



12. And then there’s this type:



13. Ah, choices:


14. Maybe your feelings on school are a little more…wholesome?



15. Or maybe not:


16. Like, maybe you just have teachers like this:


17. And administrators who will remove you from school for this:



18. Never fear. In any case, you’ll always have astrology:


(Just kidding. STay in school, guys.)

What do you think of these memes? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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