18 Denim Tricks Everyone Who Wears Jeans Has To Know

Denim jeans are a classic wardrobe staple for everyone, no matter your gender, style, size, or personality – everyone has at least one pair. Finding a perfect pair of jeans can be tough, but once it happens, it’s pretty magical. You have to find the pair that feels comfortable and not annoying, denim that stretches just the right amount but not too much, a versatile option that can be styled in lots of different ways, and of course, something that looks great with your body. Everyone has their own favorite pair. My personal fave? Paige denim jeans, which are pricey but comfortable and totally worth the money, in my opinion.

Anyway. Finding the perfect pair isn’t the point of this article. The point is that denim is a staple that will always be *in* but can still be kind of annoying. If you wear jeans a lot, like all the time, you need to check out the below denim tricks that will make your life a whole lot easier. From ideas on how to take care of your jeans so they last a lot longer to tips on how to style and wear them, there’s something here for everyone. Check out these denim tricks that will make jeans your new wardrobe staple (if they aren’t already).

1. How To Make Your Waistband Smaller



One common issue is that jeans fit our legs, but then gap at our waists. If you have that problem, don’t just grab a belt – using elastic and some sewing skills, you can make the waistband smaller to work for your size.


2. How To Distress Your Own Jeans



Distressed/ripped jeans are a big trend for 2017, but you don’t need to go out and buy a fancy new pair to get in on it. Use this easy tutorial to distress your own jeans you already have.


3. How To Turn Regular Jeans Into Skinny Jeans



You can even make wider leg jeans into skinny jeans using a sewing machine. This is a great way to reuse old items and save money.


4. A Guide On How To Hem Your Jeans




Every short girl knows the struggle of finding amazing jeans, only to realize their miles too long. Luckily, you can hem them, but how short should they be? Use this guide to quickly figure it out.


5. How To Do An Original Hem



Of course you can bring your jeans to a tailor or the cleaners, but if you want to do them yourself, you can. Here’s how to do the original hem so they don’t like hemmed.


6. How To Make The Waist Bigger



Maybe you gained weight and your favorite jeans are a little snug. This tutorial shows you how to make it bigger so that things feel more comfortable.


7. How To Fix Faded Denim



You aren’t really supposed to wash real denim, because doing so can mess with the fabric, and denim can be aired out instead. But honestly, most of us do. If your dark denim has faded, use this tutorial to get it back to its original shade.


8. How To Tuck Jeans Into Boots



It seems obvious enough, but tucking jeans into boots can be tough if they aren’t super skinny and tight. Here’s how to make it more comfortable.


9. How To Figure Out Which Shoes Pair With Which Jeans



Each denim style goes best with a certain shoe style – although of course, you can mix and match however you want. But if you’re curious as to which works best, check out the above chart.


10. How To Cuff Your Jeans With Ankle Boots




When wearing jeans with ankle boots, they typically look better when cuffed, like the above image shows.


11. How To Make Your Legs Look Longer In Jeans



If you’re interested in making your legs appear longer, this is for you! Cuffing your jeans just above your ankles, wearing them with heels, and tucking in a shirt are all simple tricks to make your legs seem longer.


12. How To Wear Shoes With Certain Hems



Not sure what shoes to wear? The above chart is quick and easy to decipher.


13. How To Cuff Your Jeans



There are a few different ways to roll up your jeans, and any of them work depending on the look you’re going for!


14. How To Wear Ankle Boots With Jeans



Ankle boots and jeans can be a weirdly confusing combo. Here’s how to mix the two, because they also look awesome together.


15. How To Take Care of Your Denim



Denim is sturdy, but the proper care instructions should still be followed – when taken care of correctly, jeans can last for years and years. And who wouldn’t want that?


16. How To Freeze Clean Denim



Jeans shouldn’t be washed too frequently, but that doesn’t mean they don’t smell sometimes. Here’s how to freeze clean your denim to keep them fresh.


17. How To Tell If They’ll Stretch



The worst is when you buy jeans you love, and then they stretch like crazy. Here’s how to tell before you drop the money on them.


18. Everything You Need To Know About Distressing Denim



And finally, here’s everything you’ve ever needed to know about destroying your own jeans (on purpose).


Which one of these denim tricks are you going to try? Share in the comments!

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