7 Amazing Couch Sex Positions You Need To Try

I’m sure when you think about sex, the idea of doin’ it on a couch isn’t really the first thing that comes to mind. A bed, definitely. A car, maybe. But on a couch? HMMMMM. I guess the hesitation comes from the fact that a couch is normally in a very public room, like the living room or family room, which means that a lot of the time there are probably people there, and it’s not super ideal for private sex with bae. Or maybe it’s because of the fact that a couch is sort of like half of a bed that you can barely fit two people on. EITHER WAY, you probably haven’t thought too much about couch sex, but I am here to change your mind with some life-changing couch sex positions.

I know having sex on a couch doesn’t sound too glamorous, but hear me out. Picture you and your BF/GF hanging out watching a movie on your couch when you suddenly get in the ~mood~ and wanna get it on. Well, being on a couch shouldn’t stop you. It might be tough and require a little bit of flexibility, but it’s totally doable, and I’m going to show you the best positions. Note: make sure nobody is in the living room with you….please. Check these couch sex positions out! 

The Lotus

This position is perfect for a couch because it doesn't need a lot of room to get it on. Have your SO sit criss-crossed, and you sit on top of them, wrapping your legs around them. Have them hold you by your hips and you hold them by their neck for a super unique couch sex session.


Couch Canoodle

This name sounds silly, but it works. Have your SO sit down on the couch with their feet on the ground, and you sit on their lap with your legs apart. Slowly lean back (you don't want to get a head rush, TBH) and then have your bae  hold on to you by your legs. You won't be able to watch the TV but I'm sure you'll still be entertained.


The Face Off

If you can't handle the head rush of the Couch Canoodle, go simple and try the Face Off. Get in the same position as the Couch Canoodle, but have your bae hold you by your back. It puts you in control, and is a super ~sexy~ way to go from couch hangs to couch sex.


Spooning Sex

This is a classic, but it also totally makes sense to do it on a couch, since odds are good that you and bae will already be spooning. You might as well get a quickie out of it, TBH!


Lap Dance

It's exactly what it sounds like: have your bae sit on the edge of the couch with their legs on the ground, and you sit on their lap, with your back facing them. It also puts you in control and is a great position for g-spot penetration.


The Octopus

This one may or may not be doable on a couch, but it basically depends on how big your couch is. You should get in a sort of "crab walk" position (not sure why this one is called the octopus instead of a crab, but anyway) and then put your legs on bae's shoulders. You might get tired after a while, but it'll definitely be worth it.


The Pick-Me-Up

Okay, if you're REALLY trying to do something different, try this one. Have your bae stand in front of the couch and hold onto you by your legs. Rest your feet on the base of the couch, and hold onto bae by their neck. Again, this one is not for the faint of heart, but having the couch (or any type of seat) there to help you balance is a good idea.


Are you going to try and of these sex positions? Tell us in the comments!

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