7 Life-Saving Party Tips Every Introvert Has To Read

Going to parties is a necessary evil, especially if you’re an introvert. For an introvert, a perfect weekend would include staying cozy inside and watching Netflix, but unfortunately, there are times when we have to attend a party, and those times call for some serious survival strategies. Every party isn’t bad (some are even fun!), but if you’re an introvert, there’s only so much small talk, crowding, and strangers you can take before your energy is shot. It’s not that we don’t enjoy parties, it’s just that they take a lot out of us. Getting through them can be tough when you don’t know how to start a conversation or you feel awkward, so these party tips are truly life saving.

Parties can be an unfortunate combination of all the things you try to avoid, so no matter how much you actually want to be there, everything in your body may be trying to bolt. I’ve been there. Just breathe, you’re going to get through this. It’s totally possible to be an introvert and be good at parties, too. It all depends on how you handle it and what you do when you feel that seed of discomfort that tells you you shouldn’t be there. You don’t even have to like parties, but knowing how to navigate them well is going to help you a ton. Fortunately, when it comes to making it out alive and happy, I have my own pro-tips for introverts that will help you survive any party. Check ’em out!

Find A Spot That Isn't Overwhelming

Chill corners or secret areas where there isn't a ton of people and it's reasonably quiet will save your life, especially if you're going to be at a party for a long time. When you get to the party, wander around and find these spots, so you know where they are in case you need a breather. Finding time for yourself and getting away from the main hub of the party is key to making sure you don't burn out very quickly. You don't have as much social energy on reserve the way extroverts do. Time to yourself is going to be essential to replenishing that energy when you can't run back home to restore yourself.

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Find Something To Do That Isn't Staring At Your Phone

The natural instinct of any introvert or shy person is to pull out their phone and stare at it - this helps us avoid small talk and people and makes us look busy. It also makes us feel more alienated and weird, so... try not to do it. Find something else to do. Search for someone to talk to, or seek out a friend and join their conversation, even if you're just listening. Watch a group play a game, watch whatever it is on TV, dance by yourself if you're up for it. If you feel like you're going to die from anxiousness, find an activity, and the rest should take care of itself.

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Don't Pressure Yourself To Talk To Anyone

You aren't being a boring person if you're being quiet. You actually don't owe anyone your time, thoughts, or good vibes. If you don't feel like talking to anyone, don't. I know that sounds opposite to what parties are for, but forcing yourself to be social when you really don't want to could make things worse. If you feel like being silent, just listen instead. Only do what you feel comfortable with, especially if parties are overwhelming environments to be in. You aren't being a boring person if you aren't contributing to the buzzing social scene in an active way. Reserve your social energy for when you're ready.

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Wear Something That Makes You Feel Confident And Fabulous

It sounds small, but if you're about to walk into a situation that makes you feel nervous or anxious, looking great and feeling comfortable will get you through a lot in surprising ways. I don't even mean dressing particularly trendy or nice. If heels make you feel uncomfortable, for example, don't wear them. The key is to wear things that you like, not something you think others are going to like. Doing the opposite can make your need to leave the party go up even more since all you'll be thinking about is getting home and changing into sweatpants or anything that won't make you feel weird.

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Host A Party Instead

Yes, parties suck sometimes if you're an introvert, but hear me out. Hosting a party puts you in charge of the environment, guest list, and kicking people out when you're done. If you feel like it, as an introvert, the easiest way to handle a party is by throwing one yourself. You'll always be involved in something to do, everyone will know you, and to be honest, putting these things back in your control is about 80 percent of what makes parties unbearable, isn't it? Hosting parties isn't for everyone, but if you still want to be social, this is a great way to take care of that while doing everything on your own terms.

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Give The Party Time To Turn Around

When you feel like everything about this party sucks and you need to leave, make sure you give it 15 to 30 minutes to turn around. You never know! Obviously, your comfort comes first, but parties can actually redeem themselves fairly quickly. If you feel bored, alone, or awkward, you can wind up feeling the opposite way in just a few minutes. Pick a window of time where you're going to give the party another chance, then leave you don't feel any different. Give both the party and the people there with you an opportunity to actually be fun before you bail the second you feel uneasy.

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If You Totally Run Out Of Energy, Leave

Don't hate yourself for wanting to leave a party before your friends for whatever reason. It's just part of being an introvert. Of course, give the party a chance, but if after it all, you feel like you'll be better off at home or somewhere quieter, just leave. Don't worry if people say you're being lame, only you know what's best for you. It's better to leave the party on a good note than to stay after your threshold for socializing has totally maxed out. There's no rule that says you have to stay until a certain time.

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Do you hate going to parties? How do you survive them? Let us know in the comments!

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